Tiger pride shows that the Lebanon Tigers are tougher than outside competition may think. Tiger pride has become not just a saying, but a part of our daily school life and has  impacted our community.

Emma Huse, a Junior at Lebanon High School, plays volleyball and basketball. Her favorite thing to do at LHS is to go to the sporting events and support the teams. Huse attended the tailgate before the first home football game.

“I loved the tailgate that the LHS staff put on because it brought so many people together. At the tailgate, I got to hangout and meet people I have never talked to before. I got to play cornhole with my new basketball coach and get to know him a little more. I really enjoyed that,” said Huse.

Meadow Whitis, a freshman at LHS, loves how Tiger Pride gets more people involved within the school. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Holloman because she shows a lot of school spirit and makes learning so much more fun than it actually is. Meadow also attended the tailgate on Friday.

“I think that the tailgate was a great idea. The tailgate was something I would definitely like to do again. It brought a lot of people together. It was a lot of fun to meet new people from all the different grades, hang out, and have a nice time together,” said Whitis.

From coming from the middle school to high school, Whitis thinks that Tiger Pride is shown more throughout the high school rather than the middle school.

“I think that Tiger Pride is shown way better throughout the high school rather than the middle school. In the high school, Tiger Pride brings people together and gets people more involved throughout the school,” said Whitis.

Tiger Pride brings LHS a lot of good spirit and makes students excited to learn and come to school.

P: Persistence

R: Respect

I: Initiative

D: Dependability

E: Efficiency

By: Lucy Tubbs


Meadow Whitis