By JR Brandhoefer

School starting back up for many Tigers means Friday Night Lights, and the Student Section is one of the biggest, most exciting parts of the game. From chanting and rooting about spirit to cheering along with the cheerleaders, the Student Section is always there. A question soon emerged as to why it is important to have the Student Section at a game, and Mr. Phil Levine, our athletic director, was willing to answer.

“I think obviously you want your students supporting each other, and when our students are there representing our school, it motives our kids to perform at their best abilities. It also shows that were unified as a school, and that we support each other and want each other to be successful,” said Levine.

At every game, students are there supporting their Lebanon Tigers in a new engaging and creative way. But a lot of work goes into designing these themes for the games.

 “It takes a lot of trial and error, like suggesting an idea you want and having it shot down. From there it requires coming up with compromises, like one of us wanted this but someone else did not, and just finding somewhere to meet in the middle,”said senior Kara Godby.

Though it is a roaring good time dressing up and getting to dabble with your creative side for the themes, there is also a proper etiquette and rules that need to be followed.

“For the themes, you need to dress appropriate and follow the school rules. Go above and beyond but not too much to where you get in trouble. Other rules for the Student Section include being aware of what chants are being said, that way it does not come off as rude or inappropriate, being respectful and keeping a positive atmosphere, and the class order. Seniors get the front followed by juniors, sophomores, and freshmen; but if the game starts and spots are open you able to move up,”said senior Zoe Stratton.

Stratton and Godby, along with Madison Wirey, Abby Wirey, Carter Germonprez, and Ryan McConnaha, are the leaders this year of the Student Section. McConnaha is known for creating the heads that are always seen at games. When asked what he was looking forward to the most this year, McConnaha said the following.

“Neon theme because it is always that best theme to dress up for, and also because it when we play Webo. It is going to be the best game because of our rivalry with them but also because it is the game we get all our starting lineup back on the field. It is going to be good seeing the team back together,” said McConnaha.


Photo Courtesy of Zoe Stratton