¡Hola!  ¿A dónde viajes para?

Last summer, several students that were enrolled in a Spanish class at Lebanon High School took a once in a lifetime experience to Spain.  While there, they got to visit 10 different cities, including Toledo, Segovia and San Sebastián, and had the opportunity to see many museums, shops, and cathedrals.

Ms. Decker is a Spanish teacher at Lebanon High School and loves to visit Spain.  Decker has been there 14 times; some with family and some with the school.

“Anything for the kids, just the experience of getting to not just try Spanish foods, but actually cook them and go through the process,” said Decker.

Senior Logan Wallace was one of the students that traveled to Spain.  Wallace would like to live there if he could.

“Everything’s walkable, so no matter where you live you can have a full day of plans to do things,” said Wallace.

The students found Spain to be very similar to the US with only some key differences.  A difference is whenever someone leaves their hotel room, the lights shut off automatically to save electricity.  The toilets are also built differently to where it reduces water consumption.

“The difference is how they try to be conservative of electricity and water is way different,”  said Wallace.

The students were surprised that Spanish wasn’t the only language they encountered on the trip.  In San Sebastián, the regional language Basque and English was spoken mostly everywhere.

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