It is after practice. It is hot. You forgot your water bottle. It is not a big deal though because one of your teammates have one. You grab it and take a drink without thinking.

Germs are more places than you could ever imagine.  According to on average there are 313,499 CFU (colony-forming units) on your water bottles. CFU is a unit used to estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells in a sample of something.

There are a lot of teams in our high school that share water bottles and that can lead to spreading diseases and germs around to your whole team.

Junior Jackie Terrill is a part of the volleyball team and she spoke out on how the volleyball team shares water bottles.

if we don’t bring our own water bottles we just grab one and all drink out of it,” said Terrill.

Teammates are so close and do not realize that they pose threats sharing water bottle they do not know that they are not only sharing water bottles but germs too.

There are risks sharing water bottles but they are also a lot of health risks with sharing your makeup and cosmetics.

According to the website bostle, things you should not share with each other are: anything that comes in a jar, mascara, pressed foundation, lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, cream shadows, and make up brushes.  The risks from sharing these things can lead to eye infections, cold sores, bacteria getting into your skin, and can also lead to staph infections.

We asked our school nurse, Mrs. McNutt, ways to prevent sharing germs.

“We just need to keep informing our teams that sharing water bottles, towels, and other things that can cause problems can spread germs and we just need to be more cautious,” said McNutt.

sharing your water bottles or towels or other things makes you at risk for minor infections, colds, meningitis, mono, and even herpes,” said McNutt.

Overall people need to be more cautious on what they are sharing with people and to be more aware of the risks you take with sharing those things.

By: Emerson Haines