LHS has many different clubs but nothing quite like DECA. DECA focuses on preparing entrepreneurs into became future business leaders. DECA originally stood for Distributive Education Clubs of America however, the meaning has faded away throughout the years.

DECA helps you branch out and connect with different networks; meanwhile it still allows you to have fun. This club is available to all LHS students not just the ones taking business classes.

“It’s a great experience to help you get your foot in the door,” said junior Carson Burtron.

The LHS DECA program has continued to have a higher amount of participates make it to state each year. There are all different types of topics that one can compete in.

“DECA is such an amazing club, because you get to challenge yourself in a way that school can’t challenge you. Being able to compete in what you love and what you want to pursue when you are older is such an amazing opportunity,” said junior Molly Garner.

The competitions include district, state, and internationals. To advance you must qualify in the top 6/7 for district, and for state you must make top 4.

“Competing in DECA has brought me countless opportunities, but beyond that its taught me that I am capable of bigger things than I could ever image and that I am passionate about business,” said sophomore Natalie Dafoe.

DECA has a group of individuals that our known as the leadership team. They include the President, Vice President, and leaders of marketing, finance, memberships, and competitions.

“Ideally this year DECA hopes to grow as a chapter and continue to grow and learn. This year I have the best leadership team to help me out which includes Natalie Dafoe, Molly Garner, Luke Ferrell, Macey Kenna, And Cindy Kirkman. We really hope to see an increase in our numbers competing as a district, state, and internationals,” said senior Kierann Guyman.

DECA also runs a very popular fundraiser for their program called MR. LHS. This is a men’s pageant were Lebanon high school male seniors and juniors compete using their humor, looks, and talents.

“DECA members just put it all together from the dance, to the stage to the fundraiser,” said junior Luke Ferrell.


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