From very early ages in their lives, children are told in a variety of ways the impact that high school has on people, and how important that time in someone’s life can be. Everyone who has set foot into a high school probably remembers the nerve-wracking feeling of walking into a place that they know little to nothing about. The students in the Freshman Class Council want to make sure that their class has the most fulfilling high school experience as possible.

“I would like to help get the freshmen rallied up for games and get worked up for the school and school spirit, and I already know that we have a lot, but I think that they just need some inspiration and a helping hand,” said Grace Medici.

Since each class council has different activities they are in charge of, the freshmen want to get people involved as much as possible so they can look forward to having bigger responsibilities in the future.

“We as a class council want to represent the freshmen of the high school and make them feel like they have something too, like how the upperclassmen have Homecoming and Water Wars,” said President of the council Max Williams.

At the moment, the Council is basking in the victory of the success of Homecoming, and they were satisfied with the turnout of the Student Section at the football game.

“[Homecoming] was really fun, I was performing at halftime and it is always more fun when there are people in the student section cheering you on,” said Anneliese Wolfgang.

All of the freshmen agreed that high school is much more fun and more relaxed than middle school, but they recognize that extra freedom comes with extra responsibility.

“Things like elementary school and middle school seemed to go so long, and in high school things are much better, like the block schedule. I can get a lot more things done,” said Will Swartz.

The new high-schoolers are experiencing an entirely different world regarding the freedoms that Lebanon High School has to offer.

“In middle school the teachers had specific rules and were so strict about being perfect students, and here it is like they teach you want they want to teach you and it is really relaxed,” said Brynn Hensley.

So far, the Freshmen Class Council has been very successful at bringing students’ ideas into action, and things can only go up from here as they learn to grow, cooperate, and work as a team to make the high school experience as enjoyable as possible.

“I think that we are working to accomplish giving people that are not in student council a voice, like taking their ideas into account and making them feel important,” said Hensley.