“Tap, Tap, Tap!” Every day from 3:00-4:30, the cast of “42ndStreet” has been practicing their lines and tap-dancing since mid-August. This year LHS will feature their fall musical that will air the week before Fall Break. It is a show within a show, as Peggy Sawyer must replace Dorothy Brock, the original lead who gets hurt. Sawyer must learn the role and race against the clock to perform “Pretty Lady.”

Senior Katherine Patterson will play the role of Peggy Sawyer this fall for her 20thmusical personally. She is excited to show off her new tap-dancing skills required for the show.

“I have never done tap-dancing before. It is neat, but it is going to be tough,” said Patterson.

Patterson believes that everyone should come and see the show if they have a chance.

“It is really interesting this year. You get to see people you do not expect to see tap-dance and witness their hidden talents,” said Patterson, “participating in musicals really meshes into who I am as a person. They are fun to perform and you make many bonds doing so. It is nothing like a friendship or a relationship I have had before.”

Jacob Tribby, senior, has an interesting role this year. Although he has been directing the cast of the musicals the past three years, he decided to try out for a lead for his fourth go around. Ironically, Tribby landed the part of Julian Marsh, the director of the “Pretty Lady” show. While Tribby plays the role of director, he will still help direct the technology crew in producing the musical.

“I am excited to finally step into a role this year,” said Tribby. “I cannot wait to be with the cast while still directing.”

Tribby chimed in on why students should stop by and catch a show of “42ndStreet.”

“You only get the opportunity to see 4 shows of your friends in high school. It only costs $7 and it supports a good cause. Also, you get to see Katherine and I kiss four times in the show,” said Tribby.

Freshman Calista Cole will be featured in the role of “Anytime Annie.”

“She is a flirt,” said Cole when asked about the meaning of her character’s nickname.

Cole cannot wait for the performance of the fall musical this year because it is nothing like she as ever performed in before.

“I just want to perform,” said Cole. “It is really fun to watch and we have put a lot of hard work into it. The show is a lot different than last year’s, as it is based in the 1930’s this time.”