Here at Lebanon High school most seniors and all staff get the opportunity to go out on their lunch break. We, as students, only get twenty-five minutes to go out and grab something, eat it and come back. There are multiple places to eat in Lebanon, but some are quicker than other and when it comes to the amount of time we get to get out for lunch some places are cheaper and not as pricey. If you are wanting more of a variety of types of food you can go to Buffet King and Pizza Hut a cheap meal and you get a different kinds of foods you will like.


Some students here at LHS Like Senior Sean Brunty typically go to Burger King every day. Brunty only spends $7-$8 each day at lunch which is not that expensive when you could be spending way more money on lunch. If Brunty is running low on money, he will  just go to a friend’s house and eat there.


“The Best Advice I have for senior’s going out to lunch is run out to your car ,get to the place you are wanting to eat at, come back to the school parking lot and eat because then your chances of being late back to school are slim rather than if you are eating somewhere five minutes away,” said Brunty. 


Some Senior’s here at LHS just tend to go home and grab something to eat rather then worrying about if they will have time to eat or spending money. Some students only go out on  a specific day depending on their schedule.




Senior Kailyn Parker goes out to lunch both black and gold days. Parker on both days typically goes to Subway for lunch. If she is running a little behind she will just run home and eat something and it saves her time and money. Parker every Tuesday and Thursday goes to her grandma’s for lunch.  If she goes to Subway will order what she wants to get and sometimes she finds it easier to order online on the Subway website rather than wait in a line to get her food.


“I think ordering your food online can save you time and not always money but having your food already made when you get there is less of a hassle than if you were to walk into the places right away,” said Parker.


Senior Alexis Bernal during her lunch on certain days will get picked up by former student Destiny Serrano and go out to lunch with her. Bernal goes out to places like Bdubs that you would think would not get you food by the time Bernal on other days just go to Popeyes, Pizza Hut, or Subway.


“My favorite to eat lunch has to be Milky Way because yeah it is not the cheapest but it is great quality food and it fills me up and it so quickly made and I usually have time after eating there to spare before I have to go back to school,” said Bernal.



Best advice is to know before you go out to lunch what you are wanting and where you are wanting to go and the distance away from the school and always remember to get back in the school parking lot a couple minutes before the bell rings. Do not be a jerk and hold the door open if there is a student like two feet behind so, that they don’t have to wait for the door to re-open and someone from the office to let them in.Here is a list of cheap places you can go for lunch Wendy’s, Hardee’s, Taco Bell , McDonalds , Kroger has a soup and salad bar and they have sushi, Subway, Burger king , White Castle and even if you do not have the money to spare just go home and heat up something quick like some pizza rolls or hot pockets.