By: Jordan Windhorst

For the last month, Boone County residents have brought up some questions, regarding lead levels in the school water.  The state has started a lead sampling program to test the water in Indiana schools.  Some Boone County schools including Granville Wells Elementary, Western Boone Jr-Sr High School and Thorntown Elementary, are not enrolled in the testing program. Although these schools have not been enrolled in the program, they are still eligible for testing.

Other schools in Boone County, including Boone Meadow elementary, Stone Gate elementary, and Zionsville West Middle School, have been involved in the testing program.  According to “Central Indiana Schools Test Positive for Lead,” by, both Boone Meadow and Stone gate elementary, had levels above the EPA recommendation of 15 parts per billion.

According to “Central Indiana Schools Test Positive for Lead”, sixty-one percent of the 57,000 schools tested in Indiana had at least one water fixture raise a red flag for lead levels.  These fixtures would include a sink or water fountains found in the schools. A spokesman from the Indiana Finance Authority, claims that the elevated leveled fixtures are dated and that they are not used regularly.

None of the schools in the Lebanon Community School Cooperation have been enrolled in the testing program, but they are eligible for assessment.  Both short term and long-term references were posted by the IFA and Indiana Department of Environmental Management. They recommended schools facing this issue shut off the fixtures that are causing problems and replace ones that are necessary.  According to “Central Indiana Schools Test Positive for Lead,” data is expected to be updated regularly and a final report by January of 2019.