Harrison and Shelby Hunn were raised to be forgiving, loving and kind-hearted kids.

If there is one thing you would always see them with, it was a smile. Their friendship was unmatchable – whether they were going through a difficult time or not, they always made sure their friends were in a good place. They both shared the love and drive for tennis, something their mom instilled into their hearts when they were very young. Their mother, Stephanie Reece, was not only their tennis coach, she was their life coach. She loved her children more than anything in the world and always made sure they had everything that they needed. They both loved their family dearly; both children loved spending time with their mother and cousins whenever they got the chance. Their grandparents meant the world to them, and they never missed an opportunity to spend time with their family.

Friends and family say Harrison was an outgoing, kind, supportive and goofy boy. He was an active member of the Zionsville Boys Tennis Team, and his passions were found within his friends, family and spending time by the water with a fishing pole in hopes of catching a large prize to talk about. He was an avid student in the classroom and he was always respectful to his teachers and peers. He attended Traders Point Christian Church and was an active student in the Bible Studies they offered. But most importantly, Harrison Hunn was a loving young man who loved everyone he met, despite the differences that might have occurred in the past.

 “I met Harrison in 7th grade at Zionsville Middle School. From the moment we met, I knew there was something different about him. His personality was and always will be my favorite thing about him; he would never fail to light up a room that he walked into. Whether he was on top of the world or down in the dumps, he always made sure other people were smiling. Not only did he make sure we were always smiling, he always wanted to make us laugh – that is just who Harrison was. Even when you could not keep up with his jokes you laughed because, well, it was Harrison. Everyone that knew him loved the positivity that radiated off of him.  Despite his goofiness, his blue eyes stood out to me the most. They would catch everyone’s attention; they were the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. Something that will always remind me of Harrison will be the Facetime icon on iPhones – our favorite thing to do was Facetime. Whenever I needed to talk about something, or I just needed a laugh, I would always feel my phone buzz and see his name across the screen… even if it was three in the morning. From crying and ranting to laughing and dancing, those memories will forever be in my heart because he always knew what to say and do to make me happy,” ZHS Sophomore Trinity Alissa said.

Harrison Hunn was born on November 20th, 2002 in Greenwich, Connecticut. He spent his early childhood years in East Hampton, New York until 2009 when he moved to Indiana. From the start of his adolescence, Harrison always played pranks on his friends and family in order to make them laugh. When Harrison began attending Zionsville schools, he immediately made friends and had a positive impact.

“Whenever I would spend time with my friends, Harrison would always be there making us laugh. He was a hard kid to miss, especially in the hallways. He was 6’4” and only a sophomore – he was bound to stick out… but in a good way. Whenever I saw him in the hallways or during passing periods he would always be smiling, and I mean always. He made friends so easily. As soon as a conversation sparked, he would always check up on you after that. He was known for the things that he loved, and he was good at them too. Whenever I see anything related to tennis or fishing, I will always think of him; those were his favorite things to do,” ZHS Junior Mason Collver said.

Harrison found a way to make someone smile; whether that was through a joke, a compliment or his own smile he would find a way to make someone’s day better.

“Most people would think that two high schoolers who break up their freshmen year would feel awkward – but not me and Harrison. We were different. We dated our freshman year, and despite us breaking up we were still really good friends after that. I first met him in our freshman Spanish class, and I just remember constantly thinking that he was the funniest kid I had ever met. He was always so social and there for others when they needed it, but also had a goofy side that no one could ignore. The one thing that I will never be able to forget about Harrison are his red Converse – he always wore them. Whenever I see a pair of red Converse, or just red shoes in general, I will be reminded of him. He stood out from others because he was always there for people, whether you were his best friend or someone he had just met. He always wanted to make sure others were okay,” ZHS sophomore Ava Randle said.

Harrison was known for his loving, kind and caring heart. His heart stretched from the love for his friends and family, to the love for his sister. Thirteen-year-old Shelby Hunn was Harrison’s little sister and one of his best friends. Despite the normal sibling rivalry that occurs in most brother and sister relationships, Shelby and Harrison loved each other unconditionally.

Shelby Hunn was born on January 17th, 2005 in Southampton, New York, but moved to Indiana with her family when she was four years old. She attended Traders Point Christian Church, and was an active member in a Bible Study Group. Shelby will always be remembered for her bright smile and the way she made everyone laugh with her hilarious dance moves.

“When I was in 4thgrade, I met Shelby through our youth soccer team. She immediately became my best friend because she was the funniest person I had ever met and she was so easy to talk to. We fit together kind of like two peas in a pod. My favorite thing about Shelby was that she was always the happiest person I would talk to, even if she was the one going through a hard time. She always had so much energy and always made weird jokes… but that is what made them funny. Despite her being fun and energetic, she was also extremely competitive. She loved to play board games, so whenever we played board games together she would always try to beat me. Even when she did win, she made it fun. She was never shy around people and always made new friends. She was just herself, all the time. And if people did not like it, she brushed it off of her shoulder like it was nothing. Whenever I was going through a tough time, or struggling with something, she would start dancing and making jokes just to make me laugh. Whenever I see a rainbow, whipped cream, a Musicall.y or dandelions, I will always think of her. All of those things are different, but they describe Shelby exactly,” Zionsville Middle School 8th grader Ava Gongwer said.

While attending Zionsville Middle School, she was involved in a lot of different sports and activities. She loved to play tennis, just like her brother and her mom, and also enjoyed running in her free time. She was very active and always made sure that she tried her best in whatever it was that she did, even outside of sports. But even while being involved in sports and clubs, Shelby Hunn inspired others to forget about what other people think and always be yourself no matter what.

Zionsville West Middle School 8th grader Isabella Alaimo, Shelby’s best friend, will always remember Shelby as being the person who did not care what others thought about her.

“I met Shelby when my brother and Harrison played baseball together. We were all the same age, so we would always do stuff together as a family. Eventually my brother quit playing baseball and Shelby and I kind of lost touch for a while. My dad plays tennis where Shelby’s mom works and soon after I found that out we started talking again. At the end of our 7thgrade year we started hanging out more and we instantly clicked. We spent the entire summer together, and we even started spending the night with each other on the weekends even after school started back up. We got ready for football games together and we always felt safe when Harrison was walking with us. My favorite thing about Shelby is really difficult to explain because she had so many features and traits that just made her, her. But if I had to pick one, it would be the fact that she did not care what others thought about her. She would make Tik-Tok videos in front of everyone, and she would always sing and dance no matter who was watching. She really had a special way of living her life,” said Alaimo.

“Not only was she always happy, she was also just such a genuine friend. She was the best listener and always gave the best advice. We would have long conversations about things that I would never tell anyone else, but I told her because I knew that I could trust her with anything. When I see turtles, sunsets, my Crocs and the Jibbitz all over them or the color blue I will instantly think of Shelby. And when I see fish or the color blue, I will think about Harrison because fishing was his favorite thing to do. Something that will always stay in my heart will be the bracelet that Shelby ALWAYS wore, no matter what… she never took it off,” said Alaimo.

Shelby made many friends; that was something that came easily to her. She would always make people laugh, and she would always make others feel appreciated. No matter who it was, Shelby made sure others felt important; that is just the type of person she was.

“I met Shelby when I was in first grade through some other friends, and ever since then we were close. Shelby stood out from other kids because she was just so genuinely nice. She was friends with everyone and always tried to make other people’s day by cracking jokes and making them laugh. And even when she was going through something difficult, she always had a smile on her face and a laugh in her voice. If I had one word to describe her, it would be kindhearted. She always made sure others were okay, and she would never make others upset or feel less than. It was something you could never forget.  One of my favorite things to do with her was dance; she was so funny and silly when she danced. Whenever I see a turtle I will think of Shelby because she absolutely loved turtles. She had turtles all over her room,” said ZMS 8th grader Madison Scheidler.

Shelby Hunn was the definition of pure happiness; something that not everyone can relate to. No matter what she was going through, or who tried to bring her down, Shelby was a happy and outgoing young girl. She always walked around with a smile on her face, but she also made sure she had a little pep in her step as well.

“My absolute favorite thing about Shelby was how happy and crazy she always was. No matter how bad the day had been for her or what she was going through, Shelby would still smile. And on top of that, she would crack jokes and make-up weird dance moves just to make others laugh. She always stood out from everyone else because she just did not care what others thought about her, and she had the best laugh and smile in the world. She could light up any room with just a simple smile. But the one thing that will remind me of Shelby forever will be my pair of Crocs. The last thing Shelby asked me to do was buy Peppa Pig Jibbitz because she wanted us to have the same Crocs. Every time I look down at my Crocs, I will instantly think of Shelby,” said ZMS 8th grader AJ Jacklin.

The Boone County Community aches for this tragic loss, and the communities have come together to mourn and heal for this long journey ahead.

At the balloon releasing on Saturday September 22nd friends, teammates, coaches and family members released balloons in honor of Shelby and Harrison. The teal and blue balloons represented the two siblings’ favorite colors; the releasing represented the act of letting the two go, but never forgetting who they were. Shelby and Harrison will forever be remembered by the entire Boone County community, and everyone else they had an impact on.

Lebanon High Schooler junior Genna Steffy, and Zionsville High Schooler junior Mason Collver, have teamed up and created a fundraiser where they will be selling bracelets in hopes of raising money for Harrison and Shelby’s mother. Bracelets are $3 and can be purchased at school, via social media or at the Lebanon vs. Western Boone Football game on Friday, October 12th.IMG_2437

“I’ve started this to honor and show that Lebanon is there for the Zionsville Community through this tragedy. I did not know Shelby and Harrison personally, but Zionsville deserves to know that Lebanon is there for them no matter what,” said Steffy.

Friendships teach us a lot of lessons – and sometimes those lessons are not clear at first. Harrison and Shelby Hunn taught their friends a never-ending list of lessons – how to love harder and forgive easier; to always keep a smile on your face no matter what you might be going through; to live your best life, even if that means going sugar crazy off of pink icing; to remember that there is always a light that shines through you, even if you are struggling; to forget about the materialistic side of life and focus on the people that you have; and most importantly, love everyone and always show kindness, because you never know what they might be going through.

Rest in peace, Shelby and Harrison Hunn.

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