Written by Emerson Haines

This month has been an eventful time in the news world. There has been stressful news about the Kavanaugh allegations to sad news about the Purdue student deaths and heartwarming news about the grandfather that rocks babies in the NICU.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, was about to be appointed until allegations of sexual misconduct were reported and publicly announced on September 16th, 2018. Christine Blasey Ford reports that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while intoxicated at a party while they were in high school.

Ford said she did tell people about this incident but decided to keep quiet until now. There have now been two other women who have also come forward with similar allegations against Kavanaugh. One of them being Deborah Ramirez, stating sexual misconduct happened while they were in college at Yale University.

This information was then taken to the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27th, 2018, where Ford and Kavanaugh both testified. The committee voted to send Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Senate floor with a one-week FBI investigation.

Reports over the Kavanaugh case are updated almost daily on News websites such as CNN, FoxNews or any other news station.

Tyler Stephan, an 18-year old freshman at Purdue who was from Huntington, Indiana was a part of the exploratory studies program and had lots of potential. Tyler passed away of natural causes at the Purdue Transportation Center shortly after noon on Monday.

CPR was started to try and revive him after being found unconscious on the ground. What caused Stephan to die is still unknown but samples of his organs have been handed over for an autopsy report.

Jessica Marrs, another Purdue student passed away at the age of 19 years old. Marrs is not to be confused with Lebanon High School’s graduate, Jessica Mars, whom is also currently attending Purdue.

The loss of the two Purdue students has rocked the community and leaves students stunned from the tragic losses.

Indiana grandpa rocks sick babies back to health in the NICU. Tom Stadler spends his time in the NICU volunteering with the babies after retirement.  He used to be the band director of Mount Vernon Schools for almost 36 years.  He has been a volunteer at Riley Hospital for nearly 15 years but in the past four years he has been rocking NICU babies to sleep every Thursday.

He is a grandfather to 10 healthy grandkids and loves the feeling of being able to make other little one feel comfortable as they fall asleep.

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