Following a successful season on the court, LHS boys’ tennis recently ended their season with a conference win. The Tigers stayed strong throughout their conference games, in which they competed against eight teams from nearby schools. One varsity tennis player, sophomore Sam Kouns, expresses his joy regarding the win due to their successful conference matches.

“In conference this year I had some of my best matches of the season yet,” said Kouns.

Following the win, Kouns got with his team at Michael Wright’s house, where they celebrated the win by having a team party. Kouns has been playing tennis since sixth grade, so the win felt very joyful for him.

Another varsity tennis player, junior Nick Nies, was ecstatic to capture the win. Since Nies has been playing tennis since seventh grade, tennis has become an important part of his life. Like Kouns, his conference matches were some of his best matches of the season.

“I played pretty good in conference in my opinion; I won all of my matches in conference but one,” said Nies.

Following the final match, Nies went to Buffalo Wild Wings with some of the tennis players to celebrate the win. He was excited to capture the conference title and contribute to the team as a junior who has been playing for only a few years.

Congratulations to the Tigers for the win!


sophomore Sam Kouns