By: Jordan Windhorst

The face of 31-year-old rapper, Drake has been pictured quite often in the recent media.  The press has focused a lot on Drake’s recent relationships with young star Millie Bobby Brown and model Bella Harris.

Recently the media has been stirring up controversy between actress Millie Bobby Brown, 14 and rapper Drake, 31.  According to an article from, the celebrities first met in Australia, while attending the Brisbane Supernova convention, in November of 2017.  Since then, the two have struck a friendship that some find cute, yet creepy.

Critics seem to think the relationship between the two is very inappropriate considering the age difference.  “I love him… he’s honestly so fantastic. A great friend and a great role model,” Millie told reporters during an interview. “We text. We just texted the other day and he was like, ‘I miss you so much!’ and I was like ‘I miss you more!’”.  The two artists have plans to meet up this November, when Drake’s US tour is finished in Atlanta.

Rumors of Drake continue to spread, saying he has a secret relationship with 18-year-old model, Bella Harris. According to an article featured on, Drake and Harris were spotted having dinner together in Washington, DC.  Since then, both have publicly denied the fact that they are a couple.

These relationships have struck up plenty of controversy.  Many people bring up the question of what is appropriate or what is not. Although these rumor are not confirmed, the real question seems to be, are you team Millie or team Bella?