We are seniors today, but what does next year consist of? Are you going to college, taking a year off, or heading straight to the workforce? Next year we all will be headed in new directions ready to discover more about the world.

Many LHS students plan on going into the medical field. The medical field requires intense training and active involvement for caring and helping others.

“After high school I plan on attending Danville Area Community College to continue my athletic career in softball and I plan on studying exercise science in hopes of becoming a radiologist in the future,” said senior Payten Redman.

IMG_1136 2

Redman rounding bases during her high school softball career.

Redman and Gearries both plan on pursing exercise science. Even though they are going for the same degree they are taking completely different career paths.

“Coach Turner has influenced me into going to college to major in exercise science, where I hope to become a strengths and conditioning coach at a nearby high school. I plan on continuing my football career at an undecided college,” said senior Jaden Gearries.


Gearries and Coach Turner

Kirstin Byrd will have a lot on her plate as she is making time for school work and her soccer career.

“I plan on attending a college where I can study pre-med and hopefully play soccer,” said senior Byrd.

Others want to apart of entertainment. Someday you might see them on the television or producing a film. There are no limits for LHS students.

“I plan on going to college to study literature and theater in order to produce, publish, and write screenplays as well as hopefully teach college courses on such subjects,” said senior Amelia Mills.


Mills preforming in the school musical. 

“I am planning on hopefully pursuing a career in television, maybe news networking. I have been contacting news reporters and working at my internship to improve my skills in broadcast journalism and video editing,” said senior Katherine Patterson.

Wanting to give back to our community is a very heroic act. Students at LHS plan on serving in many different ways, but did you know one cannot go into the police academy until the age of 21?

“Lately I have been thinking about attending Ball State, but undecided on what I would like to major in. I hope to later go into law enforcement later on. I knew from an early age that I wanted to chase the case and not have the case come to me. I want to see it first hand,” senior Devin Fearrin.

LHS is known for its educational business classes, where students can learn more about business and grow into being an entrepreneur.

“My plans after high school are to going to IVY Tech for accounting for two years then transfer to a larger school. Then I hope to start my own business in my hometown,” senior Andrew Hawkins.

Best of Luck to all LHS students on their future plans. While the fields of interest may vary your will always be remember as a tiger.