Most know that when it comes to being a team player, hard work and dedication are vital things that contribute to success. However, this is just as true for the coach, who works endlessly to cultivate determination in the minds of young athletes. New girls’ basketball coach Nic Carothers is stepping into the shoes of the last coach Beth Devinney, who transferred to Sheridan High School to take the head Athletic Director position.

Before coming to Lebanon High School, Carothers had trained players from high school levels all the way up to a semi-professional team known as the Indianapolis Bandits. The last high school he coached at before Lebanon was Clinton Central High School.

Carothers hopes to get the most out of his players that he possibly can, both physically and mentally. Something he wants to work on in particular is the team dynamic, which he wants to be tight-knit so they can be in things for the long run.

“I want this season to be about playing for each other and playing for the girl next to you. Not so much about statistics or accolades but playing for team success and trying to build something for the future,” said Carothers.

While this position comes with many challenges, Carothers is adamant about working through them and making sure that this season and pre-season is as smooth for the girls as possible.

“I did not have a summer with the girls, so learning who they are and what they need is my biggest thing. You prepare them for the game in practice but when it comes down to it, they have already learned everything you can teach them. It is just about knowing how to reach her and how to be there for her when she faces adversity,” said Carothers.

Despite the challenges, though, Carothers is already faithful that he has a dedicated group of girls who will put their heart and soul into the game every time it is played. He insists that even though things are so different this season, there is nothing to be anxious about.

“My words to those who are afraid of coming out here is that new is not a bad thing. Once you feel the vibe and feel what we are doing, I think anybody who is dedicated and has great time playing will be ready for the season,” said Carothers.

Although the season has not been going on for too long, his team already has nothing but positive things to say about his coaching tactics.

“He is watching weight room films to see if we are getting our reps in. He is also recording practices now so we can watch ourselves practice and see what we can improve on,” said junior Gabrielle Brewer.

Carothers has a bright attitude towards his team and makes an effort to assemble a healthy dynamic with all of the girls.

“He is very involved with us, he will see us throughout the school day and make sure we are having a good day and makes sure everything is going well,” said Brewer.

Carothers wants to make sure that anybody who wants to play basketball does not hesitate to come in and get involved with the team. He welcomes those who are on the fence to come in and watch practices and open gyms and encourages anybody who wants to be involved with the team to try and find a way to do so. Currently, the team is looking for managers, along with boys who do not play a winter sport to go in and practice with the girls.

“To anybody who played in the past and for whatever reason decided not to continue, the door is open. Run through it. We are here and we are ready,” said Carothers.

In order to get further involved with the team, contact more information.