Any large populated city you go to has at least one thing in common: the means of transportation. Whether that may be riding the subway, taking a taxi or bus, or walking, city goers and tourists now have other options to choose from. Currently in the market, these two competitors are dominating the transportation industry; Uber and Lyft.

Not until recent time has Uber and Lyft has struct the nation with their easy, affordable and amiable ridesharing businesses that has benefited millions of Americans in their transportation needs.

How Uber and Lyft Work:

With both the Uber and Lyft apps at your fingertips, you are given the luxury of creating your own schedule, making Uber and Lyft a great convenience to their consumers.

In order to book a ride with either Uber or Lyft, you must download the Uber or Lyft App.

After downloading the app, you set up an account and input credit card information and contact information. From there, booking a ride through the Uber and Lyft App is incredibly easy, just punch in your current address and your drop off address.

Both apps calculate your expense based upon the distance in where you’re going, time, service and shows the drivers estimated arrival time. If the driver is in a certain radius of your current location, the driver will then accept your request and will pop up on the customers phone, showing and tracking the Uber Driver’s location on his way to pick you up.

When the driver is at your current location, here is a proper etiquette to follow when you about to get in an Uber or Lyft.

-Ask Uber or Lyft driver who are they here to pick up

-Make sure they say your name

-Check reviews before accepting the ride

-Check condition of the car

-Make sure they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Checking for these things will ensure you from having an experience like these three women did a couple weeks back:

According to Inside Edition, A few weeks ago, three women had taken an Uber back to their house. After getting in the car, the Uber driver then sped up and accelerated past 100 mph in the left lane, nearly hitting cars in front of them. The three women feared for their lives, one asking “slow down please” and the driver refused to take them home. It was then that Mike Filanov, 36, response was “No, you are all going to die tonight.” One women in the back called 911, shortly before the car stopped at a 4-way intersection. Then, the three women jumped out of the car to safety. The following days the Uber driver stalked their homes, sitting and staring into their houses. It was then later that Mike Filanov was arrested for felony kidnap and criminal threats. As a result, Uber placed an emergency feature accessible from the home page of the app. Pressing this icon will alert police in your location and the app will directly send the police the car information and your contact information.

As for Lyft, all drivers are required by Lyft to have an extensive background check before they can become a legal driver.

Once you arrive at your destination, your cost of your drive will be automatically charged to your credit card and you will have the choice to leave a review and a tip if you would like.

The cost of Uber and Lyft rides are similar in price. Both companies charge around $1.00 to start the ride and add a $1.50/2.00 charge per mile. In comparing this your ordinary taxi, both Uber and Lyft are cost-effective options to choose from. But, of course, when in demand (during lunch, dinner hours) the price of an Uber will dramatically increase which is called Surge Pricing. For Lyft, when in demand, is called Prime Time.

When comparing Uber and Lyft and the means of transportation, one major factor. Uber has over Lyft is the special service when passengers select vehicle options they would like to travel in.

Uber offers 6 different services:

-UberPOOL: cheapest ride where passengers share rides with other people going to the same destination

-UberX: Room up to 4 people

-UberXL: SUV with seating up to 6

-UberSELECT: Luxury sedan with 4 passengers

-UberBLACK: Original car service- 4 passengers

-UberSUV: high-end seating up to 6 people

Lyft offers 4 different services:

-Lyft Line: passengers share rides with other people

-Lyft: room up to 4 people

-Lyft Plus: Seats up to 6 people

-Lyft Premier: high-end seating up to 4 people

Both Uber and Lyft are shaping the modern use of transportation and technology and will continue to benefit the lives of their customers through their easy to use apps, great drivers and an even better experience in getting from point A to point B.