“Get involved, you are the future leaders of America!”

A common phrase you often hear adults telling kids – but you begin to wonder, what does it truly mean? In modern-day America, anywhere you go, you are going to see politics everywhere whether it be in television commercials, songs or ads on social media. The constant stream of politics can cause many teenagers to stray from the topic of politics because they are constantly in their face. The problem is that today’s teens need to be involved and interested in politics because soon they are the ones who will work with the system.

“Students should be involved in politics because we are soon to be the upcoming generation and we are going to be involved in politics, even within the next two years. It is really important that we know what is going on so we are able to voice our opinions and issues. If you are not informed you should not be voting because an uninformed voter can be a dangerous thing,” said junior Jeffrey Hart.

Hart is constantly involved in politics in and outside of the school. Being a part of different political discussion groups and holding a political debate everyday with junior, Cole Asbury are some of the most important things to Hart. He is also part of the schools Hegelian Club and runs a political account on Instagram.

Senior Briana Deckard also agrees with the fact that students and teens need to be involved in politics. She believes that students should be involved in politics because after high school they will move into the real world where politics are a major part of society. She also explained how she got involved.

“When Donald Trump was elected into office, my grandma was really opposed to it, and I always wondered why. When I started looking into him, it led me down a path where I found out what side I supported,” said Deckard.

In both cases, not being involved and being involved in politics can hold some dangers. Deckard believes that not getting involved in politics can be dangerous because of the false news in the media that are not backed up by fact, and how people need the ability to sort through this. Hart also gave his opinion on the dangers of being involved in politics.

“It is a very controversial field, and you must have a certain mindset if you want to go anywhere. You have to be careful with what and how you say something because saying the wrong thing can get you in trouble. Typically, nothing is off the table you just have to be cautious because it can cause contrast between people,” said Hart.

While it is important for students and teens to become involved in politics, those who don’t care for politics at all and don’t want to be involved hold an interesting argument. Sophomore Reeder Vyain gave his opinion on why he doesn’t care.

“It is beyond my control as a student in high school, and there is not much I can do. Maybe around the time I turn 18, I’ll start to care more and become more involved,” said Vyain.

Vyain believes that if people want students and teens to become more involved in politics, there are things the school can do.

“I do not know why schools are not really allowed to talk about politics. Maybe if the school were able to talk about politics, I would join in on discussions in class and start to gain more of an interest in politics,” said Vyain.

Even though as students there is not much you can do, it is still important for you to become involved in politics so you begin to form your opinions and viewpoints at a younger age. This can assist you in college in standing firm in your views and also past college because you are the future of America.

By: JR Brandhoefer


Jeffrey Hart


Reeder Vyain


Briana Deckerd