Before they were teachers, they were people wo had different jobs.


Mrs. Wolfgang, a teacher at Lebanon High School, had many different job experiences before settling down here at Lebanon High School.  Previous to her teaching career, Wolfgang has been a lifeguard, a waitress, an actress, a receptionist in advertising, a venture capitalist, a cheer coach, a winter guard coach, a show choir choreographer, a video production assistant. She has lived and pursued some of these jobs in both Chicago and Arizona.


“I’ve always been a teacher in some capacity,” said Wolfgang


Mrs. Hines, a teacher at LHS, worked in orthopedics for ten years; she worked in hospitals in Decatur, Illinois, Evansville, Indiana, and at Ortho Indy.  She then taught middle school P.E. and was a Varsity Soccer Coach for two years in Illinois.


“I always knew I wanted to teach, it just had to be the right opportunity,” said Hines.


Agricultural teacher at LHS, Mrs. Love, had only one job before teaching, but also had a few internships. One of Love’s internships was being an assistant for the 4-H educator for Clinton County.


“While I was an assistant for the 4-H educator for Clinton County, I helped run the 4-H fair and other summer events,” said Love.


She also worked at Arni’s for six years during high school and into college; when she did not have class, she would tutor for Avid.


Another teacher at LHS, Mrs. Holman-Harrell, has worked in advertising and worked with public relations and commercials through advertisement.  She also worked in accounting throughout High School.


Most teachers at Lebanon High School have a past work career.  Some jobs they have had may even be something you would never expect.