By: JR Brandhoefer

Stomach clenching, sweat dripping from your forehead, and your legs are shaky. Your mouth becomes dry and you feel light headed when the audience goes silent as the lights rise. You nervously collect yourself, take a deep breath and walk out onto stage. These are feelings that an actor or actress can feel before they take their steps to fame. Evan Wolfgang is one such actor in our school who constantly enjoys taking these steps.

“When I walk on stage, I usually get a wave of anxiety to start off. However, as soon as I start the scene, that anxiety quickly goes away. It is because I cease being ‘Evan’ and I become whatever character I am playing,” said sophomore Evan Wolfgang.

Wolfgang has loved theater and acting for years, and it shows in what he is involved in in school. Wolfgang is part of the school’s musical and Comedy Sportz and hopes to be a part of the play next spring. Everyone has a person who they look up to and are inspired by, and for someone in the theater business this mentor can be lifesaving.

“My mom (English teacher Mrs. Emily Wolfgang) loves the theater arts and is the reason I got into it myself. She was involved in high school and went to study it in college. She ended up going to the Second City which is considered the Julliard of comedy located in Chicago,” said Wolfgang.


Besides his mom, Wolfgang also takes inspiration from actors such as Daniel Day Lewis, Heath Ledger, Julie Taymor, and Kenneth Branagh.

This month Wolfgang has been involved with the Agape Performing Arts Company in their showing of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, written by William Shakespeare. He took up the role as Puck the magical, mischievous sprite who enjoys to pull pranks on the human characters.

“For a while now I have been looking for a role in Shakespeare, and one day my mom sent me the audition material for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It turned out the audition was the next day, so I had to learn a Shakespeare monologue in one day, but I received a few callbacks, and got the part,” said Wolfgang.

The Agape Company’s performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dreamwent so well that they are putting on a weekend of Encore shows. Tickets can be booked at

IMG_5065 2.jpg

Besides his participation in the shows the school produces, Wolfgang is also involved with clubs like Thirst Project, Ambassadors, and Student Council. Wolfgang is also a member of the school’s marching band and is involved with an improv class at the Black Box Theater. For Wolfgang, theater is only one career option.

 “I definitely plan on going to college though I do not know what I am going to study quite yet. I am interest in studying theater, of course, but I am also looking into education, either in social studies or English,” said Wolfgang.

An actor may walk out on stage feeling nervous and as if they are going to make a mistake, but nothing can beat the feeling after the show is over.

“As I get off stage, I always think about how I could improve my performance. But after the show is over, I almost always feel accomplished,” said Wolfgang.

If you want to catch Wolfgang in one of his last performances for A Midsummer Night’s Dreamfor the Agape Company, the encore shows are Friday October 26thand Saturday October 27that 7:30pm and Sunday October 28that 3:30pm, but Wolfgang performs Saturday and Sunday. Check thelittleboxoffice.comfor more information.