Drew Brees in his career broke the NFL’S passing yards record Drew broke Peyton Manning’s record for career passing yards but, he did in his own little signature way by throwing a 62-yard touchdown pass. Drew Brees is a football quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. Lebanon High School students were very pleased with this news.


Senior Tyler Parker has been watching Brees play in the NFL since Parker has found an interest in football.Parker has followed Drew Brees throughout his career and has a strong love for the Saints. Parker admiration increased when Brees broke the NFL career passing yards record and him breaking that record made Parker love Drew Brees even more and the Saints. Parker claims to watch every Saints game he can and his favorite part is watching Drew play.


“Peyton Manning Congratulating Drew was nice but, he made it funny and joked about the whole situation and I really like that it because it was more comical rather than serious “said Parker.


Senior Zach Peycha thinks that Drew Brees deserves to be honored for breaking the NFL career passing yards records. Peycha believes that Drew did not always have the best weapons at his disposable at all times throughout his career. He thinks that Drew Brees breaking the record shows a representation of what kind of player and how dedication and hard work pays off in the end.


“They have been playing together not necessarily on the same team but for a while in the NFL and Peyton Manning congratulating Drew had to mean a lot to him and I believe that it is nice to see quarterbacks supporting one another” Said Peycha





Senior Matthew Phelps sees Drew Brees as the second greatest quarterback of all time and Peyton Manning as the greatest quarterback of all time. Phelps thinks of the Saints as just a team they are not his favorite but he does not hate them either but, he prefers them win over some other teams. Phelps was very happy when he found out that Drew Brees broke the record.IMG_4738


“With Peyton Manning Congratulating Drew Brees it really shows sportsmanship “said Phelps.




Senior Heath Ernest, has watched The Saints play for ten years.Ernest loves Drew Brees and believes that he is the most underrated quarterback in the league. Ernest thinks that Drew really deserved what he got by breaking the record.Ernest believes that it is good to see other quarterbacks congratulating one another.


“Drew Brees is a well deserving quarterback and deserves everything coming his way in the future. “said Ernest.


Drew Brees has been playing for the New Orleans Saints for 12 years. Most LHS students have a love for Drew Brees. Brees really has a huge fan base here at LHS and him breaking the most NFL Passing Yards Record increased his popularity at LHS.