Beautiful, ugly, tall, short, these are just a few words that are used to describe females of all ages. From kindergarten to high school, to college and even beyond that, females hear words like this every day and eventually begin to define themselves from the words used to describe their appearance. This is not healthy for anyone, and senior Kieran Guyman decided it was time to make a difference in our community.

Partnering with local photographer Lexy Britt, Guyman is starting a campaign that started out targeting teenage girls in high school but has since expanded beyond that age group.

“We do not need to conform to today’s societal standards to be beautiful. You can be smart and strong and brave… it is really important to look at people and notice other things about them like how smart they are how brave they are, how courageous they are, how graceful they are. Praising someone for their outlook on their faith, praising someone for their outlook on school, not the way they look,” said Guyman.

Lexy Britt will be having a photo shoot on November 4th(date subject to change.) During this photo shoot, each individual will hold up a sign saying “I am….”  with an empowering trait that is seen in each individual, not a physical trait, but one that compliments her mind or her personality.

Guyman was inspired to make a change when she realized that putting ourselves down is an unnecessary, common factor at Lebanon High School.

“Getting on your phone is something everyone does, and everyone looks on Instagram. I don’t look like any of the girls on my feed and that is a tough pill to swallow. You can feel confident about yourself in a picture you post but then look in your feed and your confidence level can stoop back down. I try to stay positive and list off the things I am. I am not tall and skinny but I am brave and I am courageous and brilliant,” said Guyman.

If you are interested in participating in the “I Am” Campaign, it is not too late, you may message Kieran Guyman or Lexy Britt through any forms of social media. If you are a local business and would like to donate or sponsor this event, you may contact them as well!