For students at Lebanon High School, Prom is one of the most looked forward events in the spring where we dress up all fancy, eat a nice dinner and enjoy a fun night full of memories. A tradition thats been in place for over 40 years now is  having prom located at our Armory. The tradition of walking in on a red carpet and hearing your name announced over the mic, is one of the best experiences of your senior or junior year. But with prom relocation, all of this might disappear.

The question of “should we change venues for Prom” arises every year when discussing Prom. Junior class council oversees and plans out Prom and all that entails. This year, on canvas, Juniors and Seniors were asked to vote on the Prom location and whether they think we should keep prom at the armory or move it to the 4H Community Building at the 4H Fair Grounds.

“As of right now, the poll that we conducted on canvas shows that the votes are very close,” said junior class representative Mrs. Miller.

Junior class President Cole Asbary gives us insight on their plans for 2019 Prom.

“You can’t please everyone, there will be people who are upset if we keep it at the armory and there will be a lot of angry seniors if we move prom to the 4H Community Building,” said Asbary.

A lot goes on behind the scenes when planning Prom. Costs is one key factor for the junior class council and junior class reps Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Hensen that they discuss.

“The price is the biggest concern for us. The 4H Community Building is nearly $1,000 dollars cheaper to rent out for the week compared to the Armory. Although they are nearly the same size, we look at the price heavily to help students and the school save money over time,” said Asbary.

The 4H Community Building and the Armory are identical in size but other determining factors such as size, handicap accessibility, parking, and bathrooms are other keys factors in their decision making.

“Moving prom locations give us a lot of parking space. At the Armory, we have limited parking due to construction issues,” said Mrs. Miller.

One risk of moving prom is the participation level of prom. Every year, on average student spend $200 dollars on their tuxes, dresses, accessories, dinner, and more. Moving Prom, makes students not willing to participate and spend the money they do.

“It has been a tradition for Lebanon to have prom at the armory. When I think of prom, I think of prom at the armory, not the 4H community building. Its my senior year, and I know a lot of other seniors,” said senior Zoe Stratton. 

Prom location is still up for debate and Mrs. Miller encourages Seniors and Juniors to go on canvas and vote for where they think Prom should be held this year.

“The 4H Community building is a great location for Prom. We will still be having walk in, snacks and everything we would normally have at the armory but just different locations. Everything is the same but if we were to have it at the Community building, it would be up to standards,” said Mrs. Miller.

Picture Credits: Lexie Britt Photography