After a whirlwind of events, The United States is finally getting back on track – well, sort of. The past few weeks has been nothing short of chaos.

Brett Kavanaugh, a newly sworn Supreme Court Justice, is finally making himself comfortable in his new position. On October 6th, 2018 Justice Kavanaugh was officially sworn into office by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. while his wife held the bible under his hand and his children watched in awe. After going through sexual assault allegations, a part of the Country is a little apprehensive about what Kavanaugh will do now. Justice Kavanaugh endured a rigorous, yet necessary, investigation after Christine Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault. After many testimonies were given, and everyone’s voice was heard, the court ruled in Kavanaugh’s favor, and shortly after he was sworn into the Country’s judicial system for life. Kavanaugh is a strong man when it comes to his conservative beliefs; most people believe that he will hold steady in the courts in regards of following the Constitution strictly.

According to, a transgender middle school student was left outside of their gym class during an active shooter drill in Virginia. When parents and students protested, the school claimed that when the class took shelter, the teacher’s debated as to where it would be safest for them (the other students). The young girl was forced to sit in the gymnasium with another teacher while the drill was in progress, away from where all of her other classmates were considered to be safe.

An angry parent told Fox23, “During an event that prepares children to survive an attack by actual assailants, she was treated as if she was so much of a danger to peers that she was left exposed and vulnerable.”

The school released a statement apologizing to both the victim and the rest of the students, but that will not take away the pain and embarrassment that this young girl felt. Both parents and students believe that it does not matter what gender, race or religion you are; if there is a threat in the building, you get to the safest place possible.

Throughout the upsetting events that have occurred the past few weeks, Americans are getting a kick out of a video of a grandfather – that is, a video of him tap dancing. Bill Jones, a 72-year-old man from Massachusetts is now famous for the special dance routine he performed. Jones’ 10-year-old granddaughter asked him if he would be willing to do a tap dancing duet with her, and he could not turn down the offer. Jones memorized the entire dance, and even went as far as doing cartwheels, jumps and spins.

“I was very proud to be asked to dance by Maeve,” Jones said, “I said of course I would do it.”

Even when it feels like the whole entire world is crashing down, always remember that there is something out there that can make you smile, even if it is just for a second.