If you are 18, then you can get registered to vote and vote. Many students do not typically think about voting until the time rolls around before you vote, there are so many things to know about the candidates before voting.

Running for U.S. Senate is Republican Mike Braun. Braun has been a State Representative in Jasper, Indiana. He also attended Wabash College, and attained a Master’s degree from Harvard Business School. Braun’s views include…


  • He is for building the wall on the border
  • Is for stricter laws on undocumented immigrants
  • Believes businesses should verify the immigration status of employees.

Gun Control

  • Supports the Second Amendment
  • Is a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association)

Tax Reform

  • Strongly believes that jobs in America should be held by Americans and not given to undocumented immigrants

Running against Braun is Democrat, Joe Donnelly. Donnelly is currently a senate member for Indiana and served 2 terms as a U.S rep. He was born in New York and is living in South Bend. Donnelly is a Notre Dame grad. Donnelly’s views include…


  • Donnelly voted yes on extending DACA
  • He also supports having stricter security at the border

Gun Control

  • Supports the Second Amendment
  • In favor of stricter background checks
  • Wants to ban guns for those on terror watch list

Tax reform

  • Voted no on Presidents Trumps tax plan

It is important to do research on candidates before voting so you know what they stand for and to find out who you agree with. For more information on the candidates you can head to their websites mikebraunforindiana.com and Donnelly.senate.gov.