The stress, the grades, the scores, the pressure, the anxiety, the letter, then the relief.  Current high school seniors all over the nation are anxiously waiting for an acceptance letter from a wide variety of colleges; for this letter determines the rest of their life.


Senior Chloe McQueen from Lebanon High School, has applied to Ball State, Marian, and Indiana State and will later apply to Butler.  McQueen has so far been accepted to both Marian and Indiana State, but is still waiting to hear back from Ball State.


“It was very exciting being accepted in to Marian because I’ve wanted to go there since I was little, so it felt like all my hard work had paid off,” said McQueen.


McQueen has been on the honor role for most of her high school career.  She also is very involved in clubs and activities through LHS.


“It’s important to do your best and school and be involved in your community,” said McQueen.


Riley Holland is also a senior at Lebanon High School.  She has been accepted into both IUPUI and the University of Indianapolis.  Marian originally was Holland’s dream college, but it changed to the University of Indianapolis later on.


“It was really exciting getting accepted because these colleges were both my top picks,” said Holland.

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