From a steaming plate of farm fresh eggs and a sizzling side of bacon, to a juicy butterburger with a fresh frozen custard.  The Bob Evans in Lebanon, Indiana is coming to a close as a Culver’s is coming into the town.

Student Macey Kenna from Lebanon High School is ecstatic about Bob Evans closing in Lebanon because she does not like Bob Evans and loves Culver’s.  Kenna got pancakes and French toast sticks from Bob Evans once, but it was a bad experience.

“I love Culver’s, I get chicken fingers and the Oreo custard,” said Kenna

Kenna has been to Culver’s more times than she can count and is excited for the fast-food restaurant to open.

 “I think a Chick-Fil-A would be better, but I’ll take what I can get,” said Kenna

Student Erin Shallenberger from LHS is also happy about Culver’s coming to Lebanon to replace Bob Evans.  Shallenberger used to be a frequent customer at Bob Evans but has recently began to eat at different restaurants due to the service and quality of food at Bob Evans.

“Lebanon already has a lot of breakfast food, so it is nice to get a fancier fast-food restaurant,” said Shallenberger.

Mary Brown, also a student from LHS is excited about the new Culver’s coming into Lebanon as well. She has been to Bob Evans many times with her family but has also made a lot of memories at Culver’s with her swim team, friends and family as well.

“I think Culver’s is a great fit for Lebanon because everyone will love it.  It is a good place for us to have as Lebanon continues to grow,” said Brown.

Due to a poll on Instagram, only 16% of people preferred Bob Evans over Culver’s. This shows most people are excited for the new change.  However, many people have agreed that they would like to see a Chick-Fil-A in Lebanon instead.