Ariana Grande has been through a lot lately, including her recent breakup with Pete Davidson and the tragic passing of her ex, Mac Miller. Through these various life-changing moments, Ariana has grown and has used the adversity as an outlet for her talent, recently releasing a new album focusing on the empowerment of women.

In her album, Sweetener, Ariana focuses on the strength of women and showing persistence through difficult times, like in her song “God is a woman”. In this song, she highlights the power women possess and how they can nearly be godlike in their nature. Although controversial, “God is a woman” serves as a symbol representing changing times where women are more influential than men.

Also included in the album, “breathin” represents persistence in life and how, although you may be in pain, you must keep pushing through it. The song is a representation of her anxiety, especially the anxiety she felt following the bombing at her Manchester U.K. concert. “breathin” openly describes her struggles with the feeling of breathlessness in a situation that provokes anxiety and how she deals with these feelings.

Sweetener also includes one of her big-time hits, “no tears left to cry”, which portrays a situation in which you let go of stress and show the world that you are happy now. This song could be representing various situations, ranging from the bombing at Ariana’s concert to even a breakup. According to Wiki, “it became her third single to top the US Mainstream Top 40 airplay chart.”

Although these songs gave her an outlet to express her feelings regarding her daily life to the public, the hit singles do not stop there. Recently, Ariana released a song called “thank u, next”. More than anything, this song outlines self-worth in a positive way; in the song, Ariana states all of her ex’s names, followed by her explanation that the worthiest relationship out of all her ex’s is the one that she has built with herself.

These singles have been Ariana’s attempt to grow as a person and include the media in her personal growth. Her breakup may have been recent, but she is ready to move on and cherish the relationship she has with herself.