Climate change is defined as a change in global and regional climate patterns. The definition still does not give any ideas on to why it happens. The reasons to why climate change happens has many different suggested answers. Many scientists and people all have their own theories as to why climate change happens.

One theory is the “climates changed before” theory. This theory is stating that the climate reacts to any change at the time. This theory states that , “humans are a huge factor to climate change”. This theory was created by Richard Lindzen and many people agree with him. According to skeptical 97% of climate experts believe that humans are causing climate change.

A theory made by BBC News, believes that the sun is the cause for climate change. They say that in the past 35 years global warming, the sun, and the climate have been going in different directions.

Another theory about climate change is animals and plants can adapt. This theory is saying that climate change will cause mass extinctions to happen if the animals and plants cannot adapt in a short amount of time to keep up with the changes.

One other major theory that people follow is we are heading into an ice age. That within a 100 years we need to worry about climate change but within 10,000 years we need to worry more about an ice age.

No one has an explanation to what the actual reason for climate change is resulting in many different people believing that they know why climate change occurs.

By Emerson Haines