Ripping apart wrapping paper. Untying ribbons. Sticking bows on your friend’s head while cleaning up. There are so many heartwarming and nostalgic memories that come with receiving gifts for the holidays. What better way is there to create these memories than to craft the perfect gift designed by you? Do-It-Yourself gifts bring a new level of personality to the gifts you give to your loved ones and are all the more thoughtful and meaningful than simply buying things from the store. Here are some fun and easy ideas for homemade presents, just in time for the holidays.

For those with artistic talents up their sleeves, senior Delynn Harmon recommends making homemade coloring pages, especially for younger children. Coloring pages like the one pictured are sure to keep your siblings, cousins, or friends entertained when they’re bored. Coloring books marketed towards young adults have boomed in popularity recently due to their stress-relieving benefits, so this would be a great gift for anybody.

“I cannot bring myself to buy certain gifts when I know I can just make it myself,” Harmon said.

Harmon makes these coloring pages by drawing them on paper first, and then scanning it onto her computer. They can also be made and printed out with the program Adobe Illustrator.

For those who enjoy staying indoors this winter season, an arm-knit blanket would be a fitting gift option. For a craft like this, you would need:

  • Chunky wool or wool-like yarn, color optional (at least 32 yds depending on preferred size)
  • Your arms

If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed with the amount of materials in a project, this is the perfect option for you. It doesn’t take much craftiness either, so anybody could make one of these blankets, it just takes concentration and coordination.

According to, the steps to making an arm-knit blanket include:

  1. Make a loop at the end of the yarn and tie it around your right hand
  2. Go through the loop on your wrist with your left hand, ensuring that the yarn next to the ball is on the right side of your left wrist.
  3. Pull the yarn through the loop that your left hand came through, letting the loop slide off your right hand.
  4. Repeat these steps until you make enough stitches to span the length of the yarn on your right arm.
  5. Wrap the yarn around the front of your right thumb and made a fist to hold the yarn.
  6. Take the next stitch along, (refer to step 3) Pass this over my fist and the other yarn you are holding.
  7. Pass the loop that was in your right fist over the left hand to create your first stitch of this row.
  8. Continue steps 5-7 until you complete the rest of the rows.
  9. Grab the yarn in the same hand that has the stitches.
  10. Make two stitches like you did in previous rows and pass the first stitch over the top of the second stitch.
  11. Slide off left hand, leaving only one stitch in your left hand.
  12. Repeat steps 9-11 until you are left with one loop, and then pull the remains of the yarn through this loop to tie the blanket off.

You can find the ideal amount of yarn on

As an easy and affordable gift for the holidays, senior Emlee Sparks offers an idea that is good for anybody, from anybody. Sparks travelled to Goodwill in order to obtain materials for her project, where she bought a glass bottle to paint and personalize for her boyfriend, senior Tyler Parker.

“Since we have been dating for 160 days, I put in the jar that many reasons why I like him, and I filled it with papers with bunch of memories that we’ve made together written on them,” said Sparks.

While Sparks made this gift for her significant other, this gift can be creatively changed in a number of ways to suit whoever you decide to make it for. For example, if you’re making this gift for a friend, you could fill the bottle with papers with inside jokes the two of you might have.