Everybody experiences the rush of memories that comes with rediscovering an old movie, book, or television show that takes you back to your childhood. Whether you watched them with friends, read them under your covers even though you were supposed to be sleeping, or gleefully sang along to the theme song, finding these things again will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

“I would have to choose Mysterious Benedict Society. It was a really compelling story with a good buildup of characters,” said senior Peter Hesselgrave.

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“I loved Finding Nemo, it was the only movie I ever watched,” said junior Jasmine Murphy.

“I really liked Hannah Montana. I still do, to be honest,” said freshman Chloe Beltran.

“[Toy Story] reminds me when I was younger, it was my favorite movie and it made me think that my toys would come alive at night,” said junior Arika Ballard.

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“Definitely Full House,” said sophomore Lexi Trepcos.

“I liked the Fresh Prince of Bel Air because I used to watch it with my Mamaw,” said senior Kelsey Stogsdill.