Many student athletes have dedicated their whole lives to a sport, playing when they were toddlers up until their senior year. They have put in countless hours with their sport and have never known anything other than learning various aspects of the game. But, is it ever too late to join a sport at Lebanon High School? Students who have joined sports later than others in their high school career expand on their experiences in a new sport. One junior, Drew Cosgray, began playing soccer this year simply to try something new.

“I love the sport because there is no stress, I can play freely, I like the teams and the coaches, and the sport brings out the best in me,” said Cosgray.

Cosgray was glad that he joined because of the positive experiences that he gained from playing, although he wishes he would have begun playing the sport much earlier in his high school career. Although he joined late, he caught onto the sport fairly quickly and was able to make varsity and capture a starting position for himself.

“I wish I would have joined earlier, but I am glad that I ended up playing this year. I could have been a lot better if I would have played freshman year, but the season went well,” said Cosgray.

Much like Cosgray, swimmer Lauren Gascho hopes to join the track & field team before the end of her sophomore year. She wants to try a new sport and is hoping to learn hurdles easy since she has no prior track experience.

“I am planning on possibly trying out hurdles on the track team. I hope to catch on quickly throughout the season if I do decide to join,” said Gascho.

She urges students who have any interest in a specific sport to simply try it out, because the teams can always use the contributions from a new player. Gascho believes that it is never too late to play a sport, even if you are a senior.

“You should always try a sport out, even if you are unsure, because you can always help out the team,” says Gascho.

Senior Eli Johnson also took the route of joining a sport his junior year. He decided to join the swim team because one of his friends recommended the sport to him. He stuck with it his senior year as well, and there are many aspects of the sport that he enjoys.

“My favorite part about swimming is being able to meet new people and grow closer with the team,” said Johnson.

Johnson recommends that, if you are considering joining a sport late, you should because it will be a great way to have more fun and make memories.

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