Recently Lebanon High School’s cell phone policy has changed.  Students are allowed to use their cell phones during their lunch time.  Also, it is a good time to contact parents or people outside of school, without having to make a trip to the office.

Although this change went into place recently, it is only a trial period.  The new policy is a privilege and it could be discontinued if there is an increase in misconduct or misuse.  If students respectfully use this opportunity, then the policy will be carried over into second semester.

“The purpose for this change is to help reduce the number of cell phone violations throughout the school day.  We hope that students use this privilege responsibly and respect the amend policy that has been put into place,” said principal O’Rourke.

The Amend Policy Rules and Procedures:

  • Cell phones are to be used in the cafeteria ONLY and must be turned off anytime the student leaves the cafeteria.
  • Students are not permitted to talk on their phones, they must do so in the main office.
  • Earbuds are permitted, but only one is to be used, so students can hear announcements and be aware of their surroundings.
  • Under no circumstance are students allowed to take pictures or videos with their cell phones during lunchtime in the cafeteria.
  • Students are not to use their cell phones to contact other students who are in class during lunch.

Students at LHS shared their opinions on the new cell phone policy and whether or not they think cell phones distract them from socializing with their lunch table.

“I really like the policy because lunch is free time and it makes sense for us to be allowed to hangout on our phones for a little bit.  I personally prefer to socialize with the people at my table during lunch and only check my phone occasionally for the time, snapchats, etc.  I think a lot of people take advantage of being able to use their phones, while still enjoying conversing with their friends,” said sophomore Cade Nelson.

Some students like being able to contact family or people outside of school, without having to call home in the front office.

“The new policy is good because it gives us time to be on our phones, but I would honestly rather socialize with my lunch table because we don’t have a lot of time throughout the day where we are able to hang out with friends.  Although I don’t personally use it much, the policy is convenient so that we have a way to check on family, instead of going to the office,” said junior Mercedes Highwood.

The new cell phone policy at LHS is a privilege to all students.  It is important that students use it responsibly and do not abuse the policy, so that it can carry on in the future.

By: Jordan Windhorst