Stress; something all high school students encounter on a monthly, weekly or even a daily basis. It is difficult to balance the things life throws at us sometimes, and stress is a natural reaction when things feel like they are starting to pile up. The stressors of getting good grades, being a good friend, being an even better student or son or daughter are examples of how stress can play in our everyday life

Waking up, going to school, going to work, coming home at 11 o’clock and starting your homework.  How do people balance an eight hour school day, a six to seven hour work shift, or athletics after school or games with their life?

Senior Payten Redman is a two-sport athlete at Lebanon High School. She participates in basketball in the winter season and in the spring season she plays softball. In the off-season, she prepares herself for the upcoming season while playing in a travel league.

“For me, there is no way out of stress. I am busy 24/7 and overtime, I have learned to deal with stress with school and with sports. I just make sure to use my class time well and get my work done on time to keep me on track,” said Redman.

Senior Summer Myers is involved in the musical as a stage director at LHS and works at Dairy Queen and is going to be starting at Pizza Hut soon. Myers finds herself stressed out but remembers that it is only temporary.

“When I’m stressed out, I normally eat and sleep a lot, which isn’t the best option to combat stress, but it is what I do and it makes me feel better about myself,” said Myers.

It is inevitable that sometime in our life we will run into stress, but how to manage it is key. Managing stress can be difficult at times with everything on your plate, but with the right methods of how to manage your stress can help lead to you to be a healthier and happier person.

According to, stress kills brain cells; a calm environment permits their growth. It is not true that brain cells stop growing when you’re an adult, they just grow more slowly. So help them out and give them a nice place to live.

Here are ways to prevent stress in your life:

  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Workout/ exercise regularly
  • Set limits or goals
  • Get enough rest
  • Eat well balanced meals
  • Meditation

“If it won’t affect you five years from now, it doesn’t matter, don’t waste your time stressing out about it,” said Myers.