Kaitlyn Syferd is a senior at LHS who dreams of pursuing art after high school. She is currently deciding whether she wants to attend IUPUI or Ball State to get her degree in theatre design and fine arts.

“I have always been into art, I just had not realized I wanted to make it into my career till high school. As a kid I was always drawing, building, and designing things,” said Syferd.

Syferd enjoys doing her art work when no one else is around. She will do it by herself in the art room with the lights deemed or at her house on the counter.

“I like to do art because there is so much meaning to it. It is like throwing your brain at a canvas you never know what is going to come out, it could be anything. You can never be wrong when doing art; everyone is correct and valid. I love that anyone can make art. All my weird ideas are expressed through art,” said Syferd.

Syferd is currently in three art classes. They keep her very busy and help her to complete a beautiful art portfolio. The art portfolio takes months to complete. One has to complete over 24-29 pieces under certain guidelines.

“As I work on my art I try to make every single detail correct and know what kind of style I am looking for,” said Syferd.

Her biggest role models for art include her teachers and her aunt who is a professional artist and owns her own gallery.

“Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Beeson have definitely helped me grow as an artist 100%. They have taught me new techniques, and giving good criticism,” said Syferd.

Go out of the box like Syferd. She enjoys getting to see her peer’s artwork and how they make everything unique to themselves as well.

“My advice for young artist is to be confident in your work so that you feel secure in the process of growing. Also know that you do not always have to be so realistic and make everyone understand your work. Art can be abstract. Do anything your mind comes up with, the more different the better,” said Syferd.

Syferd would like to become an art director, where she will be able to control design sets, costumes, props.


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