For any student, finals can be a stressful time leading to chaos and havoc in peoples’ daily lives. This can be due to the fact of all the tests coming up, misplacing the items you need to study with, or just not knowing where to begin. But just like everything, there is an important way to address studying for finals and staying organized through the year.


“Make sure you study instead of thinking you have it, that is where you need to begin. From there listen to what teachers say will be on the final so you know what you need to study. To study I go over my notes from the year to study, and look up any missing information,” said sophomore Evan Wolfgang.

Evan Wolfgang

For many student’s finals are always a drastic task to take on, but each year students find new and beneficial ways to study.





“Throughout the year I’ll have Quizlets for classes that I or others make and will go back and review over those to remind me of terms. I will also go online and look up practice problems to study with; that really helps out with math classes,” said junior Camren Toole.


“One thing that I have learnt through the past few years is to not wait and start studying for finals as soon as possible which helps to retain as much information as possible. I would also recommend using Quizlet for any vocabulary for classes,” said junior Alyssa Forester.Alyssa forester





Going through four years of finals can really offer a sense of how to study, and because of this, seniors know how to study.


“Definitely start studying early and keep up with it, but also remember to space out your studying. This can take away from the stress of finals. I study for finals by recopying all of my notes and then organizing them by color and memorizing, which helps me relearn the material and keep it memorized,” said senior Julie Cupka.

Julie Cupka.jpg





Other ways and websites that are suggested for studying are:

  • Khan Academy
  • Quizlet
  • organizing a small study group
  • asking your teachers about review sessions
  • using review materials given to you
  • asking questions
  • reorganizing your notes.


One problem students always collide with when it comes time to study, is finding their notes and other study material from the semester. Staying organized throughout the year is just as important as paying attention in class, and here are a few tips.


“For each class I have a folder that I keep all the papers I get for that class in, and then I have binders for each day that I separate the folders into,” said junior Allison Nelson.

Besides using folders and binders, some students at Lebanon High School use more involved manors of organization to make sure they keep track of everything.


“I’m really into color organization, and so for each class I assign a color, and then every topic or concept that we learn about in the class is assigned a shade of that color. This helps me memorize thing by remembering what color I assigned to it,” said senior Julie Cupka.


Some other ways of staying organized can include:

  • Keep a planner/schedule of assignments
  • Focus on one task at a time and don’t multitask
  • Clean you backpacks and folders at least once every nine-weeks (keeping all notes)
  • Make sure to put papers away before the end of class
  • Keep binders/folders/and notebooks for classes together
  • Keep papers out of your computer