Freezing temperatures are on the way, snow could fall at any given moment, and it is time to bring out the winter coats.  As the temperature drops and we transition from fall to winter, different trends come along with this seasonal change.

Students at Lebanon High School have shared some of their favorite trends that they look forward to this winter and count on these things to keep them trendy, warm, and stylish. According to students at LHS, staying cozy but fashionable seems to be the look for this winter.

Ali Neihart is a freshman at LHS and talked about her favorite trends for the winter time.

“My favorite outfit to wear during winter is a cute sweater with dark ripped jeans. I think this is a very stylish look for the winter time.  I will normally pair an outfit like this with some brown ankle boots and a winter coat with a fur hood,” said Neihart.

Senior Hana Tingle, loves staying warm and cozy, while wearing her favorite winter hat.

“I think the knitted hat trend with a little fur ball at the top is adorable and I will definitely be wearing my hat a lot this winter. It is very practical for staying warm but also looking cute during the colder seasons,” said senior Hana Tingle.

Senior Ryan McConnaha, enjoys wearing a winter coat to stay warm this season.

“My favorite trend for this season is puffer coats because they are stylish but also keep you warm in the winter,” said senior Ryan McConnaha.

As we inch farther and farther into the winter season, the air gets colder and colder.  People are anxiously waiting for that first heavy snow.  It is time to bundle up and stay warm for this long winter ahead.