House lights fall as the crew has set the stage and the cast is ready. Music dims as Mrs. Schoeff steps out on stage and greets the audience. The pit begins to play and the curtain opens. This past weekend the Lebanon High School Music Department put on their annual musical, and this year they were proud to present their finished product of 42nd Street.

On November 16th, 17th and 18th, LHS performed the Musical 42nd Street. The cast practiced for hours until they made the perfected the production.The cast had their ups and downs, however, in the end, it all came together on the night of the big show.

Kailyn Rittenberry, a senior at LHS, played Dorothy Brock. Rittenberry played a big role in the production. Just like any other cast member Brittenberry faced obstacles.

Rittenberry said,”The biggest obstacle was choosing to make this as best as we could. It all comes down to a choice: acting, singing, dancing and more. When you decide you are going to be bad at something, you will be exactly that. When we all finally decided that we were going to do our best, it turned out to be a fantastic show.”

The cast did the best they could. It was apparent to the audience that each cast member poured their hearts into their performances.

Jacob Tribby, senior at LHS, also played an important role. Tribby was the role of Julian Marsh, one of the main roles. Tribby did a fantastic job looking the part and bringing Marsh to life with of some help from others in the dressing room and green room.

To be the part, you have to look the part. Tribby had to go through many of stages in order to become Julian Marsh. First he had to start with makeup: foundation, then baking, then mascara. Next, he had to create a mustache. After that, Tribby created the hair: first he would gel it, then hairspray and add powder to give it that white/ grey tint.

Tribby definitely brought Julian Marsh to stage, not only by looking like him, but also acting like him. Tribby felt accomplished because he had never done a show before.

“My biggest personal accomplishment was getting all my lines down; i had the most lines as a character and having never done a show before, it was a big challenge for me to learn them all”, said Tribby.

Katherine Patterson, senior at LHS, played the role of Peggy Sawyer. Another main role in the production.

Patterson said, “I think our biggest accomplishment was being able to make this show understandable to the audience. It is so dated that it can become quite dry and hard to understand with old references and humor. However, we kept the audience laughing and got them to follow along”.

Patterson could not have said it better. The production was outdated and could have been hard to understand. However, like Patterson said the cast did an excellent job at making the production easy understanding for the audience.

With the announcement of the spring play being The Diary of Anne Frank, if you wish to star or just enjoy another brilliant production, keep an eye for tryouts and dates of the performances over the announcements and from Ms. Rachel Becker.