News, news, and more news!

November has been a crazy month full of news that continuous sweeping in every second. There has been devastating news about the California Wildfires to the sad Thousand Oaks shooting and the shocking Hepatitis A incident at the Toasted Monkey.

California is spreading with fire. The California Wildfires have been called the deadliest wildfire the United States has ever seen. There were two wildfires spreading at the same time. These wildfires were categorized as the Northern Camp Fires and Southern Woolsey Fires.

The Northern Camp Fires located in Butte County. There has been 150,000 acres burned and 12,794 structures destroyed. As of right now, there has been 77 confirmed fatalities and 993 unaccounted for. The full containment date is expected to be on November 30th and so far 65% of the Camp fires have been contained.

The southern Woolsey Fires are located in Los Angeles County and Ventura County. As of right now, 91% of the fires have been contained. 96,949 acres have been burned with 1,452 structures destroyed and 337 damaged. There has been 3 confirmed fatalities. The full containment date is expected on November 22nd.

The updates on the wildfires have been updated daily on News websites, such as CNN and Fox.

A tragedy struck Thousand Oaks, California on November 8th. During a normal night at Boarderline Bar & Grill, a gunman approached the entrance of the bar and shot the security guard. The gunman continued to approach the register and shot someone else. Then, shots just started firing, according to CNN.

Twelve people were killed at Boarderline Bar & Grill that night. The gunman was a guy named David Long. Long was a Marine Corps Veteran, according to abcnews. Long killed himself at the scene. Longs motive is still unknown.

President Trump visited Thousand Oaks to send his love during his tour of the devastation of the California Wildfires.

The Toasted Monkey is a very famous restaurant in St. Pete Beach. The Florida department of Health identified a positive case of Hepatitis A in a worker that works at the Toasted Monkey.

Hepatitis A is a highly contiguous infection of the liver caused by the Hepatitis virus.

According to ABCactionnews, “Officials say the person worked at the restaurant, located at 6110 Gulf Boulevard, between October 17 and October 28, 2018. They say anyone who frequented this restaurant during that time, who has not been vaccinated for Hepatitis A, should get the vaccine as soon as possible. If you have received the vaccine, you don’t need to take any action.”

The Hepatitis was a scare because of the dates the worker was working. The dates seemed to fall around a lot of schools fall breaks and St. Pete Beach is a popular attraction.

If you went to St. Pete Beach for fall break and ate at The Toasted Monkey, you are really encouraged to go check in with your doctor.