As the musical has just ended it is time to start preparing for the spring play. This year Ms. Rachel Becker, an English teacher at Lebanon High School chose this year’s play, The Diary of Anne Frank.

When asked why she chose this play Becker said, “I chose The Diary of Anne Frankbecause it is a story we need to be reminded of right now. It is so easy to get sucked into a vortex of cynicism and hatred or to be desensitized to the tragedy and cruelty of the world, but more importantly, Anne Frank captures our human capacity for hopefulness, love, and compassion. This young girl was able to look in the faces of evil and say she still believed people were truly good at heart.”

To audition for a part in this year’s play you must sign up prior to the first audition date in room H-006, arrive ten minutes prior to the audition time, have the audition paperwork completed, and have the release form and waiver signed.

Auditions will be held Thursday, December 13thfrom 3:00-5:30 pm and Friday, December 14th3:00-5:30 pm. In the LHS auditorium.  There are many parts that you can audition for including:

Anne Frank

Otto Frank

Edith Frank

Margot Frank

Mr. Van Daan

Mrs. Van Daan

Peter Van Daan

Miep Gies

Mr. Kraler

Mr. Dussel

Nazi officer

Two Dutch collaborators

For this audition you will have to prepare one monologue that is best fitting for the role you are pursuing. The monologue should be practiced and you should know how to perform it. For males there are five monologues to choose from and for females there are eight monologues to choose from.

Some tips for auditioning would be to listen to The Diary of Anne Frank before auditioning, prepare and practice for the part you are auditioning for, be yourself on and off the stage, do not perform with an accent, and be considerate and respectful of others auditioning.

Becker said “Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Do your research. Trust yourself. Have fun!”