The Herald, an Arkansas high school news cite gets their website and publications suspended and their advisor is threatened to be fired when they published a story about their classmates’ recent transfer to their rival high school.

It was reported that an investigation lasting months long to uncover the legitimacy of the transfer situation finally concluded as The Herald posted their story on October 30th, which would ultimately leave their publications facing questioning from their administration.

Halle Roberts, the editor-in-chief of the Herald told BuzzFeed News, ““They are like, ‘Well, you raised an uproar, we’re going to try and silence you.’”

In order to write the story, the Herald staff looked into their school districts’ transferring policy which does not allow students to transfer schools to play on another team. Formally, the boys transferred for academic reasons but in on-the-record interviews previous to the transfer, several of the boys had told a Herald staff member that they were transferring to play football at their new school.

One of the students told the Herald, “We just want to go over there because we have a better chance of getting scholarships and playing at D1.”

Days after the story was published, the superintendent of Springdale Public Schools asked to see the newspaper and upon seeing the story, he asked the advisor to take the story down and the Herald’s staff complied.

The story was asked to be removed on the grounds that it was purposefully negative to the transfer students, disruptive, demeaning and derogatory.

Since the suspension, the Herald is now allowed to publish stories, but must be closely monitored with all of their content.