As Michael Scott once said, “Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say ‘Hey man, I love you this many dollars-worth.’”

Kick off this holiday season with gifts so good they literally shout, “Hey man, I love you! Don’t get in an accident due to car malfunctions caused by poor weather!” Nothing has a bigger price-tag on it than your life. With the wintery season upon us, roads and cars are beginning to take a hit. Don’t just get your loved one a gift they can play with, get them a gift that will keep them alive to play with those other fun toys.

When it comes to driving during the winter, the Chicago Tribunesuggests that you always keep your gas at least half full when temperatures are below freezing. If not, your fuel system could fill up with condensation that could prevent your car from starting. In addition, experts from the Chicago Tribune also suggest that you get your car inspected by a mechanic at the beginning of the winter season. Mechanics can check the condition of your car’s battery, starter, thermostat, brakes, defrost and lights.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there is a list of necessary car needs to invest in during winter.

A lot of accidents caused during the winter are from skidding out on the road due to horrible tires. Compared to regular tires, snow tiresare made of a softer material, very flexible in the frigid temperatures, and are designed to stick onto slippery surfaces. A popular winter tire is the “Bridgestone Blizzak” sold on Amazon for $101.99.

Low temperatures reduce battery power by up to 50 percent. When another car is nearby, jumper cables are very convenient. But what if you are stranded all alone? A battery-operated jump-starteris just what you need to survive a car breakdown that just may come with a mental breakdown. Look into the “Tacklife T6” that weighs nearly three pounds and jump-starts almost all motorized vehicles in just seconds. You can find this handy-dandy tool on Amazon for just $78.97.

It is always good to prepare for the worst, and in this case, it may just be that your car leaves you stranded in the freezing cold. The best solution is to pack an emergency kitin your car. On Amazon, you can purchase a “Ready America Emergency Kit” for $37.97. A 2-person, 3-day backpack that comes with food, blankets, lights, first-aid, and water. If you’re wanting to go crazy this season, make your own homemade emergency kit full of extra clothes, food and water, flares, shovels, ice scrapers, and kitty litter. The kitty-litter is essential to melt ice which could determine whether or not you can get back on the road.

Nothing is nicer than being able to park your vehicle in the garage at night, but not everyone has that luxury. Purchase a car coverspecific to your type of automobile that will protect your car from ice and snow assembling on your car all through the night, saving you those horrible minutes in the morning having to scrap it all off before you head to school.

One of the most important components to driving, is that you can actually see when doing so. Factory wipers can be perfect, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Purchase heavy-dutywindshield wipersthat are great for a heavy downfall of snow while you are driving. Trico’s “Ice Extreme Blades” on Amazon for $13.97 are available in 12 sizes and are designed to wipe away substantial amounts of snow on your windshield.

In addition, always carry a phone chargerto plug into your car, as well as a portable battery for your phone. It is vital that you are able to contact someone when your car breaks down in the cold.

Staying safe on the roads is the best thing besides Santa’s presents this Christmas. Show your holiday cheer and give your loved ones gifts that will assist them for their potential car troubles.