Lebanon High School has many different groups in the choir department that some students may not know of. There are different variations of choir at LHS, but the most popular seem to be Charisma and Madrigals, because of the competition and the strong relationships that are formed.

Charisma is a show choir at LHS.  This group is the competitive level of choir.  Not only does Charisma sing, but they also dance. Charisma goes to many competitions and they compete as a small mixed choir, consisting of thirty members.  They start rehearsing in August and compete in January of the next year.

Senior Jacob Tribby participates in both Charisma and Madrigals.  He favors both choirs but especially enjoys the close relationships and competitiveness that come with being a part of Charisma.

“Charisma is the whole new level of music that I get to participate in every day.  Most people dread the long practices and putting in the hard work, but I love every bit of it.  I would say that Charisma is definitely the most drama-filled choir because tension can rise when our dance captains try to clean up the routines.  I would also say that Charisma is the most family-oriented group because we spend so much time together practicing and competing,” said Tribby.

Senior Jonathan Moore is also involved in both Charisma and Madrigals.  He loves expressing himself through Charisma and getting to brighten someone’s day when singing in Madrigals.

“I love being in Charisma because I am able to show who I really am and be myself without anyone really caring. I also love meeting new people from other schools at competitions and seeing what styles other schools have that we don’t,” said Moore.

Madrigals is a chamber choir at LHS. This is an acapella group that sings Christmas carols.  Every two years, Madrigals puts on a dinner to raise money for the choir program. The group performs seven songs at the dinner.  The dinner will be at LHS in the community rooms on December 15that 6 p.m. Tickets will be sold for $18.00 and all funds will go directly to the choir department.

Both Tribby and Moore participate in Madrigals and enjoy spreading holiday cheer.

“Madrigals is usually the best of the best, when it comes to vocals. We have to learn eight different carols and have them all memorized. We also have to learn an additional seven songs to sing at the dinner. In a couple weeks we will visit the elementary schools to sing Christmas songs,” said Tribby.

“My favorite part about Madrigals is going around and spreading Christmas cheer to people who don’t get to see it that much. We visit many nursing homes to sing Christmas carols to the residents.  It is nice to see them smile and to know that I can make the community happy by just singing,” said Moore.