Freshman Jackson Shepard has been a part of Scouts of America for the past 8 years and this year he decided to do community service for the LHS tennis team.

“After practice one day my tennis coach approached me and asked if wanted to build a shed by the tennis courts. He knew I had to do help the community to complete the Merit Badge requirements. I told him that I would because my other project had been denied by boy scouts. The purpose of the shed is to be used as a locker room,” said Shepard.

Once Shepard was approved by the idea and then he started asking for help from close friends and family. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to build the shed.

“The tennis team already had the funding, and it took a total 421 hours to complete the project,” said Shepard.

Lebanon High School thanks Shepard for taking the time to build the shed. The shed is convenient and will help the tennis players save more time.

“He provided a place where we can keep our tennis equipment without having to go back in to the school,” said Ryan Keith.

Shepard is a Life Scout at the moment but after all the paperwork files through he will earn his wings as an Eagle Scout. Being an Eagle Scout takes leadership and years of experience. It is the highest rank for Scouts of America.

“Shepard shows leadership to the team and the community by always being positive, said Ryan Keith.

Jackson Shepard has been on the tennis team since 7thgrade. Many of his tennis friends were able to help him build the shed as well.

“My favorite part about getting to help the community is getting to realize one can make a difference whether it be big or small,” said Shepard.

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