When the first day of senior year rolls around you wake up excited, nervous and ready to take on the last year – or in this case, the last semester. For these seven seniors, they packed a year’s worth of classes into one semester in order to graduate at the end of the first semester.

Senior Serenity Hakes said she wanted to graduate early because she could work more which would help her save more money for her first few years at college.

“I plan to apply to work after I graduate at the end of the semester, and then attend college in the fall of 2019,” said Hakes.

Much like Hakes, senior Stephen Poore wanted to have an off semester to take time to reflect and work before he began his journey into the real world.

“I want to be a mechanical engineer in the Navy, so this semester off will really help me prepare for that. I am really excited to move on with life but it is definitely a little nerve-wracking,” said Poore.

Like most students here at Lebanon High School, senior Tyler Cadle chose to graduate early because he does not enjoy sitting in a classroom. Although Cadle enjoys seeing his friends and interacting with others, school just is not where he wants to spend the majority of his time if it is not necessary.

“I saw the opportunity and I took it. I do not like sitting in class all day, five days a week, and I had the credits to do it, so I just decided to graduate early. After this semester is over I am going to become a lineman which I am really excited about,” said Cadle.

All three seniors agreed that fitting a year’s worth of classes into a semester was not difficult; you just have to make sure that you schedule sensibly and you do not overwhelm yourself with difficult classes if you plan on graduating at the end of the semester.

Senior Kyle Wiltermood chose to graduate early because he wanted the next semester off to himself.

“I wanted the year and half of my life that I missed back – school is not a bad thing, I just knew that graduating early was something that I wanted to do so I put my mind to it. I plan on working after I graduate and start looking into college. Nothing is set in stone but I do have my own thoughts in mind,” said Wiltermood.

Wiltermood claims that fitting a year’s worth of classes into one semester is not difficult, it is just the matter of staying on top of the work.

“It can get stressful, but you just have to make sure to stay on top of it and it should not be difficult,” said Wiltermood.

Senior Trevor Garnett chose to graduate early because he wanted the semester off to work towards getting his own car.

“After I end this semester, I am going to work until I start college in the fall. It was not difficult fitting a year’s worth of classes into one semester, but towards the end of the semester there is just a lot of work to do. If you do not stay organized and make sure you write everything down that needs to be finished, there is a good chance you could miss something that is important to another class,” said Garnett.

Senior Linsey Oats chose to graduate early for a different reason than everyone else; despite falling behind in school, she still managed to graduate a semester before her fellow classmates.

“I chose to graduate early because I was actually behind in school and I wanted to get done as fast as I could, so I took as many classes as I could in order to do so. I plan on looking into colleges that are directed towards my major and hopefully start school in the fall of 2019,” said Oats.

“It actually was difficult for me to fit all of my classes into one semester because I was behind in my classes – I had to get 20 credits in only two semesters. I managed to do it, but it was not easy,” said Oats.

Although graduating early is not as confusing as it might seem at first, the transition from high school to college in only a few short weeks is senior Zachary McDaniel plans to graduate at the end of the first semester and jump right into his first semester of college after winter break.

“After I end this semester I am going straight into college starting January 7th. I am nervous but I am also excited at the same time. I was really motivated to go into college right off of the bat because I did not want to lose my work ethic and I could get done with college a semester earlier. I really prepared for the coursework and chaos when I chose to graduate early so I have not been surprised by the amount of homework that I have received this past semester,” said McDaniel.

Regardless if you want to graduate early or stay the full year, you should always be prepared for the chaos that comes your way; that is the crazy thing we like to call life.

The LHS Pennant staff and the rest of the school wishes these mid-year grads the best of luck on their journey into the real world, regardless of what pathway they might be choosing.


Senior Serenity Hakes


Senior Stephen Poore


Senior Tyler Cadle


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Senior Linsey Oats


Senior Zachary McDaniel