Everyone has a dream, right? Most people seem to always be striving for something greater than what they have now.  Two Lebanon High School students are pursuing their dreams of being in a drum corps that is much larger than the marching band they are currently in.

A drum corps is a larger version of high school marching band that performs in various places including: competitions, parades, festivals and other functions all over the nation.  Drum corps consist of brass and percussion instruments, along with color guard and dancing.

Senior Zach Peycha is auditioning to be in a drum corps known as the Bluecoats.  According to the Bluecoats’ website, they are a marching music education organization made up of 150 young men and women between the ages of 15 and 22.  It is also one of the top competing drum corps’ in Drum Corps International (DCI).

“The culture that they give themselves is what made me want to audition for the Bluecoats.  They put family and fun along with their competitiveness and their priority list. Spending a whole summer with people with the same values would be the biggest thing for me, along with having fun music and shows,” said Peycha.

The audition lasts two days; it is a camp where you have to spend a weekend living with the staff. At the camps, you are being evaluated at all times, not just during the audition.  These auditions are unlike any other music auditions because they include both visual and musical auditions.

The schedule for Bluecoats requires the members to graduate from high school early to start spring training in Marian, Indiana at Indiana Wesleyan University.  This spring training lasts for five weeks and leads to a five-week tour around the nation.  Peycha and the other members would not return home until the week college starts.

Senior Dylan Flynn is auditioning to be in a drum corps known as the Blue Stars, which is very similar to the Bluecoats.  The auditions for Blue Stars lasted for three days and took place at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  Flynn and 200 other kids are competing for the top 90 spots on the Blue Stars.

“I got interested in the Blue Stars when a senior I got close with a couple years ago made it into the Blue Stars.  I also went to DCI last year and that is when I decided the Blue Stars is where I wanted to go,”said Flynn.

Flynn will be attending another camp at the Indiana State Fairgrounds later this month, where they will pick the drummers to be in this next year’s drum corps for the Blue Stars.

Both of these Lebanon High School students are pursuing their dreams of becoming parts of a drum corps; they are looking to grow their ability.

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