As human beings, we always strive for perfection though most times it can be difficult to reach, and that is no different when it comes to capturing our memories and the perfect moments. When it comes to photography, not everyone is the greatest, and sometimes we are not too happy with the photos we produce. Luckily, Lebanon High School has a new club; the Photography Club, sponsored by Mrs. Carol Kazmierczak and Mrs. Elizabeth Beeson, meeting every other Wednesday in after school room H003.

“Photography is important to me because I view it as an outlet, it is something that I finally found that I am good at. Seeing how other people enjoy it when I take photos of them makes me feel better,” said junior Britney Metcalf.

Metcalf is a member of the Lebanon High School Yearbook Staff and is the student who reached out to the staff at Lebanon High School to start a photography club.

“Knowing that the school really did not have anything besides the Yearbook and Pennant to deal with photography, I wanted to start something for students who are not juniors or seniors that they could be involved in,” said Metcalf.

Britney Metcalf .jpg

Photo taken by: Britney Metcalf

Besides Metcalf, there is a wide array of students from all grades who have, since the club’s creation, joined the Photography Club. Even though the club has been active for a few weeks now, they are constantly looking for new members to join.

“Students should join the club because it is a really good opportunity to get your work shown, but also be able to capture memories for yourself, others, and our school,” said junior Mary Brown.

Brown is also a member of the Lebanon High School Yearbook Staff, and joined the club due to her love for photography, and the fact that photography has always been an interest of hers.

Senior Laney Trent is another member of the Photography Club, and joined because she likes challenging herself and improving her photography skills.

“So far, I really like the challenges that are given out every other week. I think some of the best parts are seeing what people come up with to meet the challenges, but also how people can learn for other people’s works and help,” said Trent.

Laney Trent.jpeg

Photo taken by: Laney Trent

Besides their bi-weekly challenges, the Photography Club is looking for ways to get involved with the school and student body. One way they are doing so is Christmas with Boone. During lunch on December the 11thand 12th, students can get their photos taken with Boone for just $1. So, if you wish to show your Christmas spirit with someone other than Santa, make sure to stop by and get your photo taken.