Throughout high school we become familiar with TED Talks, but we never actually think about doing one ourselves. But, if you are in AP Language (AP Lang), you get to do your own TED Talk. A TED Talks are influential presentations that last anywhere from 5 to 18 minutes. Master of the Argument has to be less than eight minutes and 30 seconds.

AP Lang is a class for seniors only, and it is one of the two advanced English classes offered to seniors. AP Lang is focused primarily on forming arguments, and they started their work for Master of the Argument the first full week of school.

The students pick a group of other students to work with, come up with a topic, and formulate a persuasive presentation to perform in front of friends, family, and members of the community.

From there, they begin the process to Master of the Argument. Master of the Argument (MOA) is a TEDx event, which means that it is an independent TED presentation. It is also the final for first semester of AP Lang.

“It is supposed to be memorized and given to an audience to convince them to take action in the community or consider a different option in their life,” said senior Jacob Tribby.

Tribby and his partner, senior Celeste Jones, presented the different types of burials and options that people have. Other groups varied from freedom of speech on college campuses, to music education funding in high school.

Senior Caitlin Fisher and her group focused on the stigma around mental health in teens, especially in Boone County.

“We just saw a need in our community, we did it geared toward teens in Boone County. We saw the need and wanted to bring awareness to it,” said Fisher

Fisher believes that MOA was not just another project, but something that the students can use in other classes and their future.

“We have definitely learned time management, different speaking skills and how to get on stage and talk and talking to older people in our community” said Fisher.

Senior Taylor Metzger felt confident in her presentation with her group and their message towards helping women in recovery.

“Our group went last, so we got to watch everyone else and so we were calm when we went on” said Metzger.

Master of the Argument can seem intimidating to underclassmen, and even seniors, and that can sometimes drive students away from taking AP Lang. The skills learned through MOA and AP Lang are valuable life skills. Many students who have taken AP Lang will strongly encourage juniors to take it.

“For underclassmen who do not know if they should take it [AP Lang] because of that [MOA] just do it, because it will be great. It is really fun. It is scary before you go up for the project, but it is fun,” said Metzger.