At this time of year many people discuss what gifts they want for Christmas, but do not talk much about the gifts they already have. LHS is full of many humble students, who value serving back to the community with their talents.

“I choose to play the drums at my local church because I get so much out of and it is the best way to use my talents,” said Sophomore Mathew Keith.


Sophomore Nathan Allen volunteers at Traders Point Christian Church North West for rhythm and lead guitar. He got involved around 2 years ago when they had a callout but has been playing the guitar for the past 4 years. He filled out the application and began to assist.

“It makes it a lot less nerve wracking when everyones’ arms are all up and no one is judging you,” said Allen.

Allen performs with the band every Wednesday for a few hours. This week he was practicing at the Avon Campus.

“I used to practice every day, now I practice on Wednesdays and in my free time. It is worth it in the end because you get to see who you will be playing with for the weekend services, and it makes things run more smoothly,” said Allen.

Freshman Ryan Keith’s talent is more behind the scenes. R. Keith began filming at the age of 13, and later chose to serve a purpose for his community. He picked up the basics of position, film, and focus. R. Keith is tech savvy and works along the sides of musicals, plays and TPCC.

“I always watched people doing the cameras, I soon decided that should be me, it looked fun, and that’s how I got involved at TPCC,” said R. Keith.

Mathew Keith also enjoys preforming on the drums.

“I have been drumming for the past 5 years, but I became more serious about it 2 years ago,” said M. Keith.

All of these talents involve entertainment and that is exactly what sophomore Shae Rittenberry does in the nursery on Sunday mornings.

“I show up at Lebanon Christian Church and help in the nursery. I try to keep the 4-year-olds entertained to prevent them from getting to rowdy. I give them all sorts of toys,” said Rittenberry.

This season, take the time to go out and give back to Boone County with the talents that you already have.