At Lebanon High School, the students get four doctor day and four parent days. Parent days are any missed days that school does not require a doctor’s note to excuse your absence. The school also allows two college visit days per year that students have to communicate with their guidance counselors and the attendance office prior to the visit.

The school also has different ways around certain occasions. For example, if one attends a funeral, it is excused if the person who passed away is immediate family and the student brings proof from the memorial. Next, if a student is to work the polls, it is excused if the students also bring proof of their attendance there.

Zach Peycha, a senior at LHS, agrees with the amount of days that the LHS students get.

“I think the whole eight days thing is perfectly fine, but I think it should be 8 days that we can use at our discretion, not four parent days and 4 doctor days. Just eight days in general,” said Peycha.

Daniel Hood, a junior at LHS, does not agree with the amount of parent days the students get. However, Hood does agree with the amount of doctor days we get.

“I personally feel that we should have two more parent days because something very unexpected could happen that cause us to miss more than four days,” said Hood.

Mrs. Robinson, attendance secretary at LHS, has been working at LHS for 6 years. She handles all the attendance of present and absent students. She states that the policy of the amount of days have been the same all 6 years she has been working for LHS.

“If a student goes over their days, there are consequences. If student knows that he or she is going to go over their days, they need to talk to a principal about what to do. They will still have consequence but it is a way to avoid getting a grade deduction at the end of the term,” said Robinson.

Robinson continue to state that there are different ways to handle things so there are no repercussions to the student.

“If someone is out of their doctor days, we start to pull some of their parent days to cover the doctor days. We do this so that the student does not suffer the consequences,” said Robinson.

Mr. O’Rourke, the Principle at LHS, talked about and explained the attendance policy. He also explained how the attendance policy has been the same and in place for 10 years.

“The attendance policy is established locally and approved by our school board as part of our handbooks.  Our attendance policy is district wide, so it is the same for elementary, middle school, and high school.  While the state does not provide one attendance policy for all schools in Indiana, it does have an expectation that students have a 95% attendance rate.  Our policy allows for about an 94% attendance rate with the use of parent days and with doctor days it drops to 88% which is below the state expectation.  But, we feel we need to provide some additional flexibility for students who may have an illness requiring doctor’s attention.  We reviewed numerous attendance policies from other schools to make sure our policy was in line with other school corporations.  Most school corporations have very similar policies due to the states expectation of a 95% attendance rate,” said O’Rourke.

If you have any questions about the parent or doctor days you can talk to Mrs. Robinson in the attendance office or Mr. O’Rourke.