Some Lebanon High School Students decided to stay in Indiana while others went out of state. Over winter break most of Lebanon High School ’s students experienced great adventures!

Junior Courtney Welborn got her wisdom teeth out which during recovering she got dry sockets which Welborn claims are still causing her pain. Welborn spent most of her break recovering from getting her wisdom teeth out. On the bright side, Welborn got a new vehicle over winter break and she was happy to now own a 2012 Hyundai Elantra.

“I had an exciting and rough break but overall I would consider this one for the books,” said Welborn.

Senior Madison Simms was assigned a book reading to do over winter break but, the reading is what she got out of the way at the beginning of break. Simms spent a lot of time with family not so many friends considering her busy schedule. She really enjoyed being able to sleep in because she really needed to catch up on lost sleep from having school. Simms was not very happy about reading, but, she really loved the reading in the end.

  “I believe that I really needed the amount of time we got off of school because I got to focus on myself,” said Simms.

Junior Nick Toleos,  got the opportunity to go to Ohio over winter break to visit his uncle. Toleos only went to Ohio to see his uncle that does not live obviously in Indiana. During his time in Ohio, he was not able to go sightseeing like he wanted to. When he finally gotfullsizeoutput_8f8 back into Indiana he just hung out with a lot of his family and some of his friends.

“I love any opportunities I get to spend with family and this vacation is for the books,” said Toleos.





Sophomore Lauren Gascho over winter break got to go to the Caribbean. Gascho went with her whole family including her aunts/uncles and grandparents. She enjoyed the time and memories she was able to make with her family. Gascho sees this vacation as a vacation of a lifetime.fullsizeoutput_8fe

“It was warm and sunny all the time there and just wish I could have stayed longer,” said Gascho.




Sophomore Eve Wilson had an eventful break for a multitude of reasons. Wilson had swim practice on most of her days off which she loves to swim so she did not really mind having practice. Wilson loved the weather, unlike some people she absolutely loves the snow. She surely ate a lot of food during the holidays and to spend time with her family.

 “Fun fact about myself I absolutely hate Christmas so winter breaks are not my favorite but I try to enjoy them and I like being able to relax from school, ” said Wilson.

Although many LHS students did not go out of state they all enjoyed the time that they were fortunate to get off. Some students needed a break from school while some students had surgeries and others had to catch up on their sleep. Hopefully, everybody enjoyed there break and has a great second semester.